[Need Advise] Starting with Bing PPC with descent Budget

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    I have finally decided that i will learn and master PPC no matter how much time it will take.
    In last 3-4 days i have downloaded and read several paid PPC guides trying to understand the model.

    But as i am just starting out with PPC model i have no idea what kind of offers to starts with and which network and which offer payout rates. I dont wanna jump blindly into ppc and loose alot of money.
    Two years ago i tried Facebook PPC and lost a lot of money bcos i had no clue what i was doing :p

    So far i have accounts in the below networks and tried looking to various offers they have:
    fluxads (a2ads.com)

    But i have never really worked on promoting any affiliate product (except Amazon but that is not ppc) neither i have tried list building so i very confused on how to start and which major vertical to start testing with like bizz ops, health, Gaming etc.. and on which network . shall i start with clickbank or jvzoo or some cpa network like peerly .

    Most of the Top offers requires approval before i can use them and as i have no prior (successful) experience in PPC so i m not sure how do i get access to those offers .

    I spent last 2 days in analyzing what other guys are promoting on bing, for that i create a custom ad scraper but the most i am research the more confusing it's becoming :p i am not able to decide what to start with because all verticals are green for me :) .

    For example ,earlier today i almost decided that i will go with biz ops (some online home based job) and for that i did a alot of research ,but now again now health offers looks more promising :p

    So please help me decide what kind of offers shall i try with and what network . i will be creating a journey thread for my campaigns as well. I have budget of about $4-5k to spend on PPC .

    Here are some question i have in mind that i want to ask you guys:

    1) Which network to start with  ?  i.e. clickbank, jvzoo , cpa (peerfly etc) .
    2) Which Vertical shall i go with ? i.e bizz ops, health , gardening  etc 
    3) How to get approved for the top offers that needs approval.
    4) What kind of offer payout shall i go with?
    5) If i try to build list on my lander before sending visitors to offer page then how to deal with emailing users as i hear inboxing rate sucks these days as most of the emails goes to promotions tab. or shall i do not try building list in the start?
    6) Any thing else you wanna suggest ?
    I already created a bing account and loaded some cash using my credit card.

    BTW , i create this kind of Bing ad scraper to scrape ads : http://bit.ly/1x7BefF ( This is just a demo of my ad scraper for you guys. i am having lot of issues with private proxies as bing keeps blocking them . if i figure out something to make the proxies bypass these bing blocks i might make this tool public)

    Please share you views and advise on this. i hope this thread will be useful to other noobs like me future as well :p
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    Honestly you are still scraping the surface and beginning of PPC. I would really recommend you check out youtube. I got a lot of good stuff from it when I was just starting out. PPC is really ALOT of testing in general so get ready for the long journey!
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    I would take a bit of your budget and get an iSpionage account. They are monitoring and scraping ads just fine.

    My advice is (fwiw since you don't know me from Adam), don't spend time coding something if you have the budget to get it.

    Your time is better spent creating campaigns and optimizing them.

    YouTube and Warrior WSOs will get you up to speed with the mechanics of Bing PPC - for tactical stuff, Greg Davis' stuff is good solid info.

    AdCenter Rockstars deals specifically with Bing and Newbie Rockstar System deals with PPC as a whole covering many networks for the beginner.

    Both aren't cheap, but I'm sure someone as resourceful as yourself will have no trouble locating them ;)