{Need advice} Want to start a !NEW CPA! method but need help

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    Hello friends :D

    I really need your help on this one because I like to start this journey

    I want to promote CPA offers, but I want to do it diffident than the usual way. Therefore, I need advise from the real gurus here :D

    I will try to explain my idea without giving too much information about my niche, lets see if I can do this because its hard to explain otherwise. This method involves offline marketing combined with email marketing.

    The Website

    I want to create a website where I explain more about the project. Also, there will be different CPA offers to choose from. The niche I have chosen will trigger people to fill out those CPA offer. Because when they do, they are automatically supporting my niche and their niche/passion ass well. It does not matter what kind of offer I am going to promote. My audience will always submit once I have them in my mailing list.

    So, this is for the website. Now my real question and the part where I have troubles to understanding it.

    PS: The website on its own is a niche. The CPA offers are just a way to fund my wallet and about 35/40% of the money is going to the course of my niche website. (This explains a little why people are more than willing to participate in this project)

    The way I am going to promote

    I want to create a mailing list. How do I do this? I will go door to door with a group of maybe 2/3 people. When someone opens the door, I will explain to them, our project, how it works and how they are able to make a diffidence by doing a CPA offer once a week or once every 2 weeks.

    My goal is to get a mailing list with people who know the idea behind our project and are willing to do those CPA offers we sent to them. This way if we get for 400 emails our conversion rate will be super high. And we can use this list over and over again. If this works we will scale this list. The sky is the limit.

    I think all of you understand perfectly how I want to promote. Once again I will tell you how

    1. Go door to door
    2. Explain project and how they can help
    3. Show them a CPA offer and let them sign up ( already one sale :p )
    3. Get there email and attention to participate in this project and the mailing list.( building the e-mail list)
    4. Sent them a email with a CPA offer to complete once a week or once every 2 weeks.
    5. Cash in.
    6. Scale up till I have a good converting email list

    The problem

    Now I read a lot about that it is a no no to promote CPA trough a mailing list. ( BTW!, People will sign a form approving that we are allowed to sent them emails with offer. They can unsubscribe every moment )

    I also noticed that people are not directly sending the CPA offer but first create a landing page and then redirect to the CPA offer.

    Can I for example: have a page on my authority website what I use as a landing page. I will put this link in the emails I am sending weekly. People will click on that link go to my landing page on my website

    Please explain to me the right way to make this happen. So, How do I do CPA with a mailing list once I build one ???

    This is the only part what giving me trouble at the moment. The whole idea is based around building up a mailing list with people who know everything about the idea and therefore

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