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  1. A

    CPA Offer Tracking

    Hi, Guys i am kind of new into CPA marketing. I have been running ads from past few month now and earning decent with it.However, i have very little knowlegde of Adword keyword tracking and how to get rid of non converting keywords.So, i have questions for all of you please, help me out here if...
  2. D

    Pls help with Ogads and Jarvee

    am very sorry if this is the wrong place to post please redirect me i have been hearing about Ogads and Jarvee here been doing lot's of research on how to get started as am mainly into PPC with CPA i would be happy if anyone can help point me to the right direction to get started thanks
  3. Animation_Videos

    Risk In CPA ??!!

    i just came across a thread earlier saying a guy got a message from attorney(might be a fake id lol but still) my questions is - I haven't tried it myself but are there any risks in promoting game niches/hack niches/ buiding websites based on other's niches and ranking those etc? Genuine...
  4. xRex

    Hitleap - Traffic Exchange

    hello .. I have a little ask again .. and although .. have to make small page (niche) .. with a bit of text ... must be pages index and be pushed with Hitleap to be able to
  5. Jake662

    What Do Tier 2/3 countries mean?

    Hey guys, I am currently promoting maxbounty offers on and I have been reading that for the offers I am promoting, a large sum of people are suggesting that I promote them to tier 2/3 countries. If you could help me I would highly appreciate it. Thank you Jake
  6. seoxz

    Cpa help

    I am new to cpa heard about some people making a lot of money using maxbounty peerfly and etc. What are the best cpa offer providers.? What is the best way to get accepted into one of these companies? Tools that would be required in the journey? Best marketing methods. I know i am asking...
  7. xRex

    CPA Network What to Pay in Bitcoins

    Hello .. I'm looking for a CPA Network (No Adult ..! I already have one) .. something like CPALead or .. which is enough cpa have offer etc and good .. his eig domain can use
  8. Vlad71

    10$ per day goal, using IG + Snapchat + CPA/PPC

    Hello guys, currently I am starting my journey as my goal is 10$/day. I am starting an IG account with some girls pics in it, using some hashtags, and following other people wishing for a follow back. tl;dr I am warming up the IG account. My idea is to gain expand my IG account, and then put a...
  9. Ali Asghar

    Best CPA Method Involving Torrent Sites 2018

    Hey guys! So this will be a really long post but definitely worth a read, and before I start you guys will probably be wondering that I'm a newbie since I have very little posts. Well I'm definitely a newbie on this website but not in CPA and other internet marketing areas, I've been constantly...
  10. RevenueLab

    Hi to everyone

    Hi guys. Glad to be a part of the BHW community.
  11. cgt web

    POP and CPA?

    Hey guys, I have been studying CPA for a little while now and incorporated on to a ranking YT video I have but I am not making a penny so very recently I bought some popunder traffic from POPADS. For experienced members and those dealing with CPA, is POP traffic good with CPA offers or have I...
  12. S

    Earn $100/Day CPA+ Only YouTube Traffic

    Hi Guy! Youtube is the best way to drive traffic to our website but the method to ranks our video on first page is hard. After one year I have do the research about ranking video fast because I saw someone ranked their videos so fast on the first page in just 12 hour. The question is how they do...
  13. D

    Hi guys! I need your advice.

    I have high quality traffic but I want to try to work with CPA network. I need quality adult offers and weekly payment. Please, give me some pieces of advice, what shall I do first?
  14. J

    I'm new on Adult CPA any help for me

    Tittle says everything I'm new on CPA any private suggestions for good traffic ? I'm using kik and snapchat for traffic but it's bad I think. I'm using Adverten first day I got 41 hits 1 lead = $2.10 . Second day 132 hits 4 leads = $3.81.
  15. anas hanine

    [Help] Problem with Sign up on Ogads

    Every time I tried To Sign up on Ogads They give me a message saying that : Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain the following; A lowercase letter (a-z), An uppercase letter (A-Z), A digit (0-9) But I tried to do the same as they said but nothing work it still appears...
  16. Genesys

    Anyone heard of Turn2lead CPA

    Hi guys, what's your review on Turn2lead cpa network?
  17. Yaqub Nipu

    How to use Affiliate program?

    I am a newbie and want to know use of affiliate network. I am a blogger but don't know how to use affiliate program. Basically, I want to know without Amazon affiliate.
  18. jenoms_lim

    What is the best CPA Affiliate Movie Streaming and real content?

    I want to join the CPA Affiliate Movie / TV Series that is really real, please recommend the site. thank you
  19. jeffro89

    Been running a Maxbounty offer...

    So its been nearly a week of running this specific sweepstakes offer from MB. Had one conversion during testing phase and nothjbg since then. Here are a few stats. Offer Payout = $1.60 Geo = Tier 1, wont give anymore than that. Traffic source = BING Landing Page = So for thelanding page i...
  20. L

    Where to get content lock traffic?

    Hey Colleagues, Please advise - where can I get subj in significant amounts? Are there any networks or big sites selling content lock traffic? Thanks