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    [I'm so sorry, could someone from the staff move this thread to the 'Tools' section? I accidentally posted it in the wrong section. Again, very sorry.]

    Hey guys!

    So, the session is over and I have 2 weeks of free time to at least kickstart my ContentLock+Youtube+YahooAnswers campaign. I have a bit of money saved up and wanted to purchase some gear here on the forum to speed up the process. The products I have my eye on are:

    • Content Lock PRO v2.0 - I have read that this is the best tool out there at the moment when it comes to content locking. Great conversions, blanking the referrer, getting to choose your own offers, etc. I really want this one, BUT this comes in very handy only then, when I already have a stable flow of traffic coming in. Which brings me to the other tools.
    • YT Mass Video Blaster - As I'm going to be using YT for getting traffic, this tool seems very attractive. I'm not going to keep it a secret that I'll be floating in the IM niche (but with a small twist, nevertheless). Therefore, I'll be needing a lot of YT acc's and a lot of videos to reach a decent amount of traffic. But maybe someone knows some alternatives to this tool? Or maybe you can give some feedback? Because I've also read several people's post saying that they get better traffic when uploading less videos with less accounts, but with better quality, than doing mass uploading. I'm still not sure about this one completely.
    • Answer Swipe - I want to rock it hard and reach the $100/day line as quickly as possible, therefore I don't only want to be using YT for traffic, but also Yahoo Answers. And this tool seems to be the best for the job. I've read its thread and it seems everyone who bought are satisfied with it.

    The problem is this: I don't have enough money for all these tools. I only barely have enough for one of them. So, my fellow BHW members, I turn to you for help on selecting one tool out of these three. Which one is best to get started with? Is it more important to bring in traffic with YT Blaster or Answer Swipe (if yes, then which one of them is more effective?), or is it more important to have a quality content locker like CLP to convert my traffic, even it would be smaller without the other two tools?

    Thank you in advance for your answers!



    P.S. - English is not my native tongue (I'm from Lithuania), so I apologize for possible grammar errors or strange structure of sentences.
    P.P.S - BHW rocks! It's the best source of information on IM I have ever found. And the people here are amazing also. I'm proud to be a member and I will try to give back as much as I can to this forum as soon as possible! Thank you again for being awesome, BHW members. :)
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