Need a Huge Tax Write-Off??

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    I am looking to make a website for the youth in need of an outlet and a place to look to for hope. I am fully prepared to provide all necessary documents and information needed to make every second spent on helping put it together a complete write-off.

    I am in Utah, USA so the tax incentive will obviously apply only to USA residents.

    I can get money together from my day job ( link building for boost ) but it will take a while if you are asking for a lot of money... so payments would be nice. But I hope someone steps forward and extends their hand to pick us up.

    The website will be for Foster-Care youth and any other youth in need for that matter. I am 21 and just got brought on board to help fix up our site... (they were paying $70 a month for hosting to a company in California which i promptly changed!!)

    The site is literally being used as the only contact we have with some of our homeless youth. We have countless youth in need of a mentor and no easy way so far to connect them.

    Having the site be as beautiful as the message we are trying to get out in the world would do wonders to the "viral" aspect as you know sites like these need.

    The site we want to duplicate is

    I have in the past been able to pull flash sites from my memory and reconstruct them but this site I think would just need someone with a little more know how than a script kiddy :p

    we currently have a wordpress blog as our website
    (please lol please don't kill our site)

    I have seen the brutality towards "needing of spoon feeding" from BHW and the complete kindness and willingness to help those from this community to those that have shown they are trying.

    I want you to know I want this site to be here for the youth and it will be built even if all I get out of this request is suggestions and rants :) I am trying. I honestly feel you members as a group are by far the smartest people on the internet and can get anything done

    I am not being paid by Ufostersuccess I am a foster care alumni and I volunteer my time as a mentor and as the "webmaster" love that title

    Please reply with:


    requirements(website dedication to you and your family company etc...)




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