Need a good Email scraper, or one created for my needs

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    I am using google to search online instagram viewers websites for active emails within my niche.

    I begin by searching google with something like this clothing brand ?"

    I then change the "" part to various other email providers like "" "" etc
    Then after rotating through all email providers on one niche keyword I also begin to change my targeted user niche and repeat researching for all email providers. Example a clothing brand, designers names etc.

    I am in Search of someone who can write a script or program to search whatever keywords I need automatically, saving all search data in a document for me to later run through an extractor to weed out emails.

    I would want it to work like this: I would first provide a list of keywords in the fashion niche (EX: yeezy, louisvuitton, lv, chanel, sneaker head and so on), then I would provide a list of email providers(Example: "" "" "" "" "" "" "" and so on) .

    My script or program would have to search each niche keyword with all email providers, and then it would go on to the next fashion keyword and repeat.

    After searching each page I would need the program to copy and paste all search results into a document.

    I have a program that extracts emails from google search results so I would mainly just like to get the searching, and transferring of all the search data automated so I can quickly gather leads.

    Hope to hear from someone soon, and I am also willing to spend a good amount of money for this to be created.

    Comment below, or give your Skype info if your interested.
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    Something i can do, message me in my inbox with more details.
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    Automating The Web
    Please add me on Skype or PM