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    Hello BHW !
    I am going to create a Whatsapp group like PBN for link exchange ,traffic exchange ,referral exchange ,review exchange and a lot more.
    In This group i will add 10 internet marketer .
    Works of Group Members
    1. Fiverr/Seoclerks Review Exchange
    2.Review Amazon Products and Facebook business Page
    3.Out Linking Each others article in natural manner. [like neil patel did for brain dean articles and brain did same for Neil Patel
    For Example If i am writing about body building So I also need to describe about Protein but suppose I dont have any article written over Protein So in that case We will link our group members article If they have written about Protein.

    4. Ad-swap

    5. Referral/affiliate Joining
    Let suppose I want to join some free bitcoins site and if any of group members already joined those site so he can send his referrals/affiliate link to join.

    6.Warriors/Reddit and Quora Upvotes

    7.Blog Comments Exchange

    8.Social media promo Exchange
    9.Guest Post Exchange
    10. Ad-sense Clicking in natural way
    11. Helping each others instantly.

    All these system works in credit system .No one will forced to promote that he don't want .Every deal will be done by two person like buyers and sellers.

    Credit -
    5 Cr per fiverr/facebook page or seoclerks review.
    10 CR per amazon/ebay review
    1 CR per blog comments/facebook comments/twitter comments
    10 CR for Natural Backlink
    Ad-swap depends on list eg 1 Cr for 10 subscriber
    1 Cr for 1k Fans of Facebook
    1 Cr for 100 fans/followers on other social media site.
    15 Cr For Guest post
    1 Cr Per non profit Referrals
    2 Cr per Ads Click
    0 Cr For Helping others.
    Note -We Can change credit rule .

    Benefit to join this group
    1. 10X conversation 2. 10X Traffic 3.10X Revenue 4. 10X Leeds 5. 10 X Reputation
    All for free.

    How to join -
    Before joining make sure Your niche is internet marketing [seo,back-links,affiliate marketing,online money making etc]
    Now Just P.M Me with your whats-app number[with country code]

    Note- I will create this group in next 48 hours and with only 10 dedicated internet marketers.So make hurry.
    Any Query feel free to ask.I will be happy to reply you.
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    Hello Warriors ! ????

    is this a cut and paste?