Namecheap scam

Namecheap does some very scammy things. Last month I renewed my hosting package and the next day they suspended it without any explanation. They waited until I paid and then just suspended it completely. Messaged them, but they said "No refund".
You havent found anything more reliable than namecheap?
You havent found anything more reliable than namecheap?
there definitely are more reliable solutions, but i register almost all of my domains with Namecheap and it saves me a lot of time to have one provider for everything. of course, it also makes me more vulnerable.
The same applies to Spaceship (which belongs to NameCheap).
I just tried it after you mentioned here
they have good prices but lack many futures that I need like bulk buying and adding funds to the account
I really hate it when someone says, "I'm sorry you feel this way." in situations like these. It minimises the actual problem by making it a feeling and not a fact.
OP has 900+ domains registered with Namecheap
OP has 500+ EU domains in his ownership with Namecheap
OP lost $4 because he bought a wrong/restricted EU keyword domain
OP is not guilty


You see the pattern?
This happens in life all the time.
You help someone once twice, 10 times, then once you can't be there for him.

BOOM, you're a B
Long time ago I've had a domain disabled for more than 48 hours, I was running ads and It costs me some money.

They said sorry and give me 1 year registration for free
namecheap is terrible. 3rd world names in support agents is icing on cake. "sorry you feel this way" after being scammed by a big corp. cant blame them they're just a csr with minimal power.
anyone looking for good registrar i always recommend comes with free whois privacy.
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