My mom is dying

I dont know what the update is right now. But whatever happy, you will come out victorious and strong. All the best
I am sooo sorry. I had a very bad dream about being alive after my mom had died in the dream. I was at her house in the dream and every time I looked toward the kitchen in the dream I would expect to see mom. That dream was SO sad. I think I nearly cried when I woke up.
I am so sorry to hear about your Mom man. I recently just lost a cousin and a friend to cancer in the past 6 months. I can only imagine loosing my mother, we are very close. There are no words that could probably describe your pain. Mothers are priceless. Try your best to be strong, and indulge in the time you guys have left with her. My prayers are with you my friend.
My prayers are with your family... life is indeed short! Be strong and be blessed!
Prayers for you and yours, my friend, element_of_0ne. I've been there, too.
And I am so grateful to BHW. I am proud to be counted among you,
who are without borders and regional hatreds. You have redefined the words
"Share," "Community" "Caring" "Respect" and not the least of all "Love".
Be blessed this new year, each one of you, and know that I hold you in my heart.
May Allah Mercy Her and Help all your family to go through this.
So sorry to hear about your mom. Cancer is such a scary word and a lot of people tend to lose hope when diagnosed. You've gotta be strong, help her keep her spirits up and don't let her give up. Stay positive bud.
I will say a prayer for your mum .. I lost my grand-mum last month was a very difficult moment for me so I feel ur pain

May God be with you ..
My prayers are with you and your mother. Stay strong so you can be there for those who can't and will need you.
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