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My long awaited golden ticket

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Ianaesthetized, May 2, 2013.

  1. Ianaesthetized

    Ianaesthetized Regular Member

    Feb 25, 2013
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    Well today I made my first profit in Affiliate marketing.

    Ive done some freelance IM stuff here and there but up til now I havent found something I can sink my teeth into.

    I starting learning about IM ten months ago. I have a couple friends who are VERY successful with it and one sat down and explained it to me. Ive researched neurotically since then but was very limited with what I could achieve with 0 investment. Because I am literally the poorest person you know. I got into alot of legal trouble last summer and have been bending over backwards to stay out of prison. Every dollar Ive earned from under the table construction jobs is spoken for the minute it hits my hand. Those jobs are pretty much all you can get that is worthwhile if you are a felon.

    I am also nine months clean and sober. I moved back with my dad, I have no car because it was totalled in a hit and run by a drunk, I have no license cause im dumb and never paid my past fines, my girlfriend of two years left me, I lost most of my "friends" by getting clean, and my only brother went to prison for 7 years.

    Thats a pretty accurate summary of the past year. I put myself in quite a hole.

    But I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours scouring this wonderful forum, and trying every free method I could find or conjure up. No success but with adwords coupons until that update in september.

    But now Im doing tumblr. I made one account 2 days just to test it. Just a very generic adult niche. And holy shit it actually worked man.

    Im doing ppl, I had only 13 uniques up til six hours ago, I logged in just a moment ago and have 50 uniques with a conversion.

    So I made $2.50 today with only time invested.

    The blog has only 21 followers, Im following 130 and liked 200 posts. Not very impressive but already profitable. And very scalable.

    I only had 26 posts, I dont reblog. Im very selective with my content, only using stuff very related to my niche, The captions have a comedic edge, and I put the aff link as the image click through and in the caption.

    My head is reeling with the possibilities. Im very happy and grateful.

    When I first started learning about IM, Like alot of people I made a post along the lines of "How to start with nothing to invest"

    I got alot of typical answers, but one guy said something that stuck with me. He said starting with nothing is the best way because youre forced to learn many aspects of the business instead of just falling into one. He was dead on. Ive picked up alot of tricks and end arounds over the past ten months that are useful now. I wish I remembered who it was but props to that guy.

    The only way to truly fail is to quit. And if you quit IM cause you havent had success after a week, a month, six months, you give up too easily and dont deserve success.

    Im very grateful for the many helpful people on this site, BHW has been there for me since day one, Its the first thing my buddy pointed me too. He said youll learn everything you need to know there.

    Im gonna go grind now, Ill keep this updated
  2. AnonX

    AnonX Newbie

    Aug 17, 2013
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    Good luck dude I hope you succeed, it sounds like you could do with a break.