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My 30 Day Commitment to you

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Inflow, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Inflow

    Inflow Newbie

    Dec 20, 2009
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    I've been on the BHW forums for about a month now and
    have developed a keen interest in Internet marketing
    but now I've decided to pull through with a new commitment.
    For the next 30 days I will commit to one person on these forums
    of choice. I will undertake they're methods and aim at earning my
    first $10 online by the end of the commitment. During the process
    I will be promoting your website, backlinking, comment spamming,
    spamdexing or pretty much duplicating whatever I do for my
    site to help promote your own (so I'll be working on promoting
    my site and yours at the same time) but first a little bit about myself.

    I'm a Graphic design student studying at University - so I can
    work with photoshop, flash, illustrator (but no 3D apps at the
    moment sorry) I have basic understandings of php, html,
    python and a few other 'online' scripting languages.
    I have a current web host up and running so do not need
    hosting supplies and can even provide you with some.
    I can install Wordpress MU to host multiple blogs or even
    setup a Joomla server and install components to it to
    switch it into a dating site, auction site, torrent site, you name it...

    My experience with marketing:

    The first thing I aimed for was a niche website, I researched
    the terms and keywords using Market Samurai and setup
    the site to be SEO friendly and optimized. Within 30 days
    I reached rank 27 for my term rank.. shortly after that I got
    sand boxed from google but now remain at 5th position on
    Yahoo for a phrase search. My site hasn't yet converted
    anybody even though it's had some click throughs - I'm
    going to work on this site every day for about 30 mins to
    get it running right.

    The second thing I took a shot at was one of the ewhoring
    methods posted here. It was written by an admin but I
    cant find the article now to give credit..

    More or less you setup a Fake profile page with a girl,
    on that page you put some naked (Private) pictures and
    when the user clicks on it a CPA offer pops up. The app I
    used BHCB doesnt work so well with firefox, I should have it working properly in a few days...

    Anyway, I set up the site added new pictures put the locker
    onto it and then created 10 youtube accounts (with proxies)
    then spammed youtube but I havent found a successful
    comment spammer yet and Tubeblaster pro added about 12
    comments in 1 hour so it would be quicker to do it manually.

    So now that you know a little bit about me and my
    commitment feel free to send me a message on here
    first describing (not in deep detail) about which method
    you will go about and a bit of info on how much its
    earning you at the moment. I just want to see *SOME*
    income coming from all my trails and I figured this will be
    the best way to do it, so in saying that it doesnt bother
    me which method you choose - Black hat, white hat, purple hat
    or what type of thing it will be (Unless it obviously involves kid
    porn or something like that) but I will stick to it, at least 2 hours
    every single day for the next 30 days promoting your site in the
    process and in the end earning $10 from it (or even more during)
    and if the method is a really good one I'll likely stick around after
    it and you could have a new partner to VJ with.

    All the best to everyone thanks for reading and if your interested
    feel free to send a message my way or contact me on gtalk, msn etc

    All the best,