Monster White - Guest Post Style Posts from Huge High Authority Sites - Only $15


Nov 6, 2010


How long is an article?
Different lengths. 400-800 words long.

Is every article unique?
Absolutely. Every single article is carefully and beautifully hand-written.

What is the turn-around time?
2-3 weeks.

Are these links dof0llow?
More than 75% links would be d0follow.

Will these links stick?
Yes. If a link is down within 3 months, then we will replace it for free.

Do you own these websites?
No. These are websites like,, and more. These are world’s best websites u can get a link from.

Are these hacked links?

Your title says "guest post style posts". Are these guest posts?
This is little complicated to explain. Some of the posts are exact outreach guest posts. Other some of the posts are not outreach guest posts. You get some of the posts from websites where we have well-established accounts. Some of the websites are "free to register but with strict editorial guidelines". Some of the websites accept content for free but your guest post only gets approved when your content matches their website completely and actually adds value to their readers.
Some of the websites accept a guest post but they only accept it after some payment.

Are these niche relevant links?
Some of the posts (3-8) will be from niche relevant websites but not all.

Porn/Casino accepted?
Get in touch and I will see what I can do for you.

Can I provide you content myself?
You cannot.

Refund policy?
Once an order is started- a refund can not be provided.

Contact us:

Email: [email protected]
Skype: Aim100IM

Since 2023 is here and since you have read this far...
Here is your coupon for 15% off
Use coupon:
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Any samples?

This is what I'm looking for, somewhat like a free guest post sites w/ editorial requirement

any chance I can get a low quantity order to test it out first?
Approved - @seoguy99 provided his largest package and added a few extra links in there as well. A nice report was provided and the sites are some real nice sites in the report.

Content was good and he provided the service in a very timely manner.

Best of luck with sales!
Thanks for lovely comment. Glad you liked the service.

Interested. Can you send me your URL list and a sample of your writing?
Will send you a PM shortly.

Any samples?

This is what I'm looking for, somewhat like a free guest post sites w/ editorial requirement

any chance I can get a low quantity order to test it out first?
Will send you a PM shortly.

Since the thread is new- we are offering 10*30% off review copies.
Request on the thread and we will provide you with samples and coupon.

Hi, are the sites chosen according to my niche?

Please provide samples of the 2 different writing quality and coupon.

Thank you.
Hi, would appreciate a list of sites please. And how do I get the coupon? Thanks.
can you please pm me the coupon code along with list of websites in tech niche

All links will be d00follow right?
I'd like to see some samples, preferably from the US Native content package.
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