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Monitoring for Possible Review issue at Youtube

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by ca20032009, May 27, 2014.

  1. ca20032009

    ca20032009 Registered Member

    Apr 18, 2014
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    Hi All,
    I have several Youtube accounts and one of them
    I used to copy and make compilations from the Youtube Creative Commons
    Library in the Youtube Video editor.

    This worked pretty nicely until first of January this year 2014 until I got
    a strike and the Adsense monetisation was removed from this account.
    I had at this time around 350 videos on this account all done from the CC Library
    and unfortunately it was just before the december payment of about 350 Euros...
    Youtube did not pay me.. Damn..

    Anyway, now I used some tricks to attach this Youtube account to a different Adsense account and
    after about 4 months I could get again this Youtube account monetized again,
    BUT now the problem is, that Youtube wants to have proof of ownership
    for each video and also if I tell them that it is all Creative Commons or if I lie
    and tell them, that it is all my own content the videos never get out of under review.

    Mostly all of them are now listed as:
    monitoring for possible review
    or some are listed
    under review...

    Hmm, so it seems Youtube has now banned many channels, that use 3rd party content and
    flaged them...
    Also if I just upload a video myself, by filming my white wall for 10 seconds without
    any audio, it does not get monetized, but stays at
    under review
    monitoring for possible review...

    Do you guys have any idea how to fix this ?

    I have already tried all the tips I could find on some Youtube videos about it, but none worked...

    The only thing that should work is joining a Youtube network, but I tried this also
    at Zoomin network and they saw, that I had copyrighted movies and said I should fix this first and reapply,
    although I have enough good traffic...but it does not make me any money... Damn...

    My whole account is now also in good standing, no red flags, but I can not monetize all the

    So what would you suggest to do ?
    If I would delete all the videos, which was hard work, we have e.g. worked over 6 months of time
    on all the tagging and titleing and custom thumbnails, etc... this would still keep my
    subscribers, but all the videos would be gone and the traffic would sink down..or just stop all the way..

    What other videos should I use then ?

    I have no time to do my own videos....

    I would rather make again compilations of creative commons videos and try to monetize them...

    Or do you think it is worth trying to download all the videos and reencode them maybe 180 degrees
    horizontally flipped and reupload them and copy the titles and tags again, so I would not need to
    do all the titling again ?
    But this will also make a lot of work... and who knows, cause my account is flagged, if they
    will allow me again to monetize new video uploads then as now already new videos
    also don´t get monetized....
    What do you think ?
    Maybe then I would at least be able to join Youtube network, cause my videos
    are not recognized as copies by the bots ??

    Many thanks in advance.
    Regards, Ca.
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  2. ca20032009

    ca20032009 Registered Member

    Apr 18, 2014
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    Are anybody of you have the same problem ? Has anybody yet found a solution to this problem ?
    Maybe just forget the Adsense income and use the traffic on these videos for other
    monetisations ?
    Well, what about just posting links into the description box that makes me money ?
    But what ? As Affiliate links seem to get banned now by Youtube, which I just got a Strike in another channel of mine, I wonder what could be still used to monetize this channel ?
    It is in the elder women´s niche, like Painting and Art movies and Documentations...
    So probably only cosmetics products would convert... but where to get some affiliate offers like this ?
    Many thanks.
  3. zulfi125

    zulfi125 Newbie

    Jun 10, 2014
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    i have the monetization solution if you want to get solution than contact me at skpe:zulfiqar.ali1978
  4. Unre4l

    Unre4l Newbie

    Dec 23, 2012
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    Server Engineer
    Sorry you lost me in the second paragraph:

    Why would Google ban your adsense account and refuse to pay you because of one channel??? Youtube and Adsense are not linked in that way. I have seen people get dozens of Youtube channels banned, but the adsense account and even the youtube account stay active.

    But I have experienced something similar. When multiple videos match 3party content, they get flagged internally and all new videos end up in monitoring. This is not anything too serious because existing videos still make money. At this point I just make a new channel on the same Youtube account, upload a video and monetization is accepted instantly.

    So, Im really wondering, how did you get your adsense account banned but your youtube account still active? Obviously something else must have happened here...
  5. ca20032009

    ca20032009 Registered Member

    Apr 18, 2014
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    Well, you are right, I was wrongly thinking my Adsense was blocked, but it was just the 2 Youtube channels that were no longer monetized and all the earned monies were lost, because it happened one day before the payout... Damn...

    Anyway, just as you say making a new Youtube channel on the same Youtube account is okay and works, but you need
    to buildup again subscribers and you can not take your subscribers with you....or is there any method
    to take your old subscribers with it to your new channel ?

    Also it happened to me, that the old channel was totally banned from monetisation, so also
    all the old monetized videos were now unmonetized....so how do you avoid this ?

    Any idea how to get rid of these internal flags other than joining a Youtube network ?