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Mocospace Bot Library

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by kotarou9, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. kotarou9

    kotarou9 Newbie

    Jun 19, 2016
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    Hey guys, I'm new here. But, I wanted to share a library i've made that allows bots on Mocospace chats.

    1st. Its in Python, so download and install Python
    2nd. I haven't made any documentation on it yet.
    3rd. You must not login to a chat using the bot account. The reason is spam, I haven't figured out a way for that to work yet.
    4th. Even though it says multi room support its not exactly complete yet due to a bug ( see 3rd)
    5th. If you use this bot, give me credit.
    6th. If you want to help on its development, then please make a pull request. I will then merge it.
    7th. if you set the timer to something less then 3, you may be kicked.
    8th. YOU WILL NEED YOUR COOKIE DATA (wireshark like program knowledge required)
    9th. My grammar sucks.

    You may grab a copy at: https://github.com/kotarou9/mocolib
    It is recommended that you have some Python knowledge, but not required.

    TO RUN

    edit config.py find,
    replace it with botowner="your user here"
    assuming you grabbed your cookie.
    replace the "Cookie" value with the cookie you grabbed.

    Then run,
    example.py (You should also view its source)

    creator: kotarou (me)
    first bot: mocobot(got banned, made me happy)

    P.S: anyone who's done something like this for mocospace, all know how crappy the chat API is built, and how painful it is to build something for it.
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