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    Hello, first off I want to say I love the forum and have been a member for over a year but have not posted because I was still a little rookie in IM and was still developing my own methods and learning the ropes.

    pardon my mispelling my keyboard is acting up.

    So here goes my first post-

    Over the last two years i have gone from knowing nothing in internet marketing working 12 hours a day seven days a week at the local mall where i live ( it sucked), to being able to quit my job and work full time at home in my boxers on the computer bringing in at least 1000- 3500 usd a month just from a few simple methods I have put my own twist on.

    What I will be talking about today is mobile media buys particulary what are some good websites that are reliable and cost effective.

    Another thing i will be going over this post is a solid method to creating a good ad.

    step 1- go to a popular website like facebook, POF, apple/adroid app ads, twitter, etc, etc and see the ads on the sites that you deem good and that you would click on.

    learn from these ads. simple as that. dont copy them, just learn how a good ad is set up and what colors/ mix of colors/ pictures/words work with eachother. Really you will get better with practice.

    step 2- make several ad copies testing out different colors, pictures, and texts covering a nice range of ads for your target audience(s)

    step 3- ad a little creativity to it. Do what would make you click your ad.

    step 4- test your ads on free places first to make sure you have a decet ad. Once you have good reults with a paticlar ad you shpuld move onto buying media

    So there you have an easy way to make a good ad. Now to testing your ads and where to do media buys.


    When testing your ads you can use depending on where you are advertising you can otte your ad copies to display different ads to compile informaton on wich ads are working best.

    If your advertising website does not have an option for this you can just run different ads at small intervals of funding, like lets say at $5 at a time with the same demgraphics.

    Test one country at a time! Do not test for the whole wold. Test the same ads for male and female demographics as well as age groups in 5-10 year groups at a time, like 18-28, 29-39.

    From there you can get a good understanding of how your ad does with what audience and move foreward by dropping the ads and the demographics that are not working for you and proceed with the ones that are.

    Testing your ads will be the make it or break it part of your campaign.



    adhitz (cheap and great for noobs)
    buysellads (sell adspace)
    juicyads (adult)
    plugrush (adult and you can sell adspace)

    millenial media
    admob (big G owns)

    Well I hope this information was useful to someone as it would have been useful to me awhile back.

    Good day to you all.
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    maybe i will try this one
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    whilst i knew most of this (just like you, reading and a shite load of trial and error) , thanks for taking the the time to write up a tutorial/method for those whose might who might seem a little lost with it all.
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    Thank you very much, learning a lot.
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    Thanks for the write up , I have funds in jumptap and Mmedia but somehow they are not approving my campaign. Can you help ?
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    I appreciate your effort. I would love to use this in my career.