[METHOD Step-by-Step with CODE] My Twisted Method to $1k+ a week - NOOB friendly

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    In a bright place---------------------------------

    This method takes a little thought, but I'm providing you with ALL the
    necessary code, and it took me, quite quickly, to over $1k per week.

    It's a current earner, so please try and twist it up a bit - no point screwing
    it for everyone, lol.

    So, onto the method:


    1. A place to upload html files and images (or to insert html code and
    2. An image editing program that will create slices for you (ideal, really, but
    NOT an absolute necessity)
    3. Locker embeddable code (I use Content Lock Pro as it can be used with
    all networks, supports postbacks, and, imho, is the BEST), if you can't
    afford your own self-hosted solution, you WILL leave money on the table,
    but you can use free lockers from any gateway Network.
    4. A burning desire to make money, a willingness to work, and a brain ;)

    The Overview:

    We will be creating our very own "sh***cash" site. People hate
    "sh***cash" with a vengeance, for two reasons:
    a) It's well-known that they demand completion of offers, often mobile or
    costly offers, to obtain files, so, post a "sh***cash" link and people run
    the other way.
    b) They run "their" offers and no, they do NOT, generously, share a
    significant portion of the revenue with YOU.
    However, with my twist, YOU will get 100% of the revenue you generate.
    You get to choose the offers you display, so you can keep them cost-free
    for your visitors, if you like. Remember, ALL the revenue is for YOU.

    The Steps:

    1. Find a shared, and wanted, file download which is available on MediaFire,
    RapidShare or a similar free downloads site. Paste the link into your
    favorite browser.
    2. Use F11 or whichever key is necessary, on your OS, to make your
    browser full screen. Use PrintScreen to take a screenshot of the page.
    3. Open your favorite image editing program (I used a very old version of
    Photoshop, and ImageReady), and split the images into slices. Use vertical
    and horizontal guides to create a rectangle around the download button
    area, as that will be one of your slices.
    4. Generate the html and the images, optimised for the web. Make a note
    of which slice is the download button.
    5. If you can't slice, ask someone or look up the tuts available on the web,
    or just use the full image, it will take longer to load and not look as good,
    but it will do!
    6. Open the generated html file and wrap my code -found below- around
    the relevant image (the slice that contained the download button).
    7. Either upload the html file and the images folder to your webspace, or
    paste the html code into whichever webspace you have (blogger,
    wordpress hosted, weebly, etc), upload the images, and make sure all links
    in the html point to the new location for the images.

    Now, post your link all over the place, use high-trafficked forums full of
    people searching for whichever download you chose to share.

    Using no "real" traffic-driving methods, I have been making an average of
    $200 a day with this method for the past 3 months. I'm lazy when it comes
    to traffic-driving, so all I've done is use some Fiverr gigs and microworkers
    to post on large forums (mainly found on BigBoards) for me. I also created
    two videos - yes, just TWO, told you, I'm lazy!, uploaded them to YT, and
    got a bucketload of traffic from there as well.

    When I started this method back in February, I used $15 to purchase 3
    Fiverr gigs, and made $26, on average, each day. So, week 1, spend was
    $15, income was $180!!! Nowadayas, to achieve the $1k+ per week, I'm
    spending around $60 a week between Fiverr and microworkers :)
    I'm pretty confident that, if you're not as lazy as I am where traffic-driving
    is concerned (I have an excuse, I work almost 24/7 on other stuff, lol), you
    could easily generate over $20 a day, in your first few days, without
    spending a single dime.

    The Secret Code:

    This is the code you will need to use to successfully replicate this method.
    I wrote this myself, because I needed my own brand of "Special Sauce".
    This code gets wrapped around links, images, any content you like, and
    then "swaps" on a timer, between the content, by changing attributes of
    one lot of content to display, whilst the other lot is made invisible ;)
    I might not be great at explaining that concept, but don't worry, I'm going
    to release a Demo for you all to see exactly what's going on!

    So, you are going to have, for this method, two "forms" of linking the
    relevant image (remember? that slice that contained the Download Button
    In a div set initially to display, you will link to your locker code, so, in this
    case, that div will link the Download Button image to your locker, and,
    when it's clicked on, your locker will appear.
    In a div set initially to be invisible, you will link to the real Download page
    on whichever downloads site you're using. So, in this case, this div will link
    THE SAME Download Button image to the Url of the downloads page.

    When you have linked your image both ways, and placed each one into a
    div, only the first will show. When visitors click on the button, the locker
    will display but, at the same time, a countdown Timer will start (set for 30
    secs in my case). When the countdown ends, the divs will be swapped, so
    the button image linked to the locker is no longer there, but it is replaced
    with the button image linked to the real download location.

    Of course, the "swap" happens WHILST the page is LOCKED, so your
    visitors don't know what's happened, until they unlock. When they do, and
    they hit the button again, it will take them to MF, RS, wherever.

    Without further ado, here's the code you need - it's commented, and is set
    to call an example locker - replace for your own. In this code sample, I
    have linked the word "TEST", however, after the code I will link to a demo I
    created which replicates the complete method, start to finish.

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />
    <title>Your Page Title</title>
    Call jQuery because our locker needs it
    <script type="text/javascript"
    Declare yourFunction
    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
    function yourFunction(){
    <p> </p>
    <p> </p>
    <p> </p>
    <p align="center">
    <h3 align="center"><font color="#0198F1">Welcome</font></h3>
    Place the OnClick Link within yoursecDiv.  Declare your OnClick Link and set timeout to 3 secs, expressed as 3000 millisecs, to execute yourFunction and swap divs, hiding yoursecDiv and displaying yourfirDiv. Replace yourlockerurl and guid inside single quotes where shown below.
    <div id="yoursecDiv" style="display:block;"><a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="var fileref=document.createElement('script');fileref.setAttribute('type','text/javascript'); fileref.setAttribute('src', 'http://yourlockerurl.js?guid=123456789');document.body.appendChild(fileref); setTimeout(yourFunction, 3000);">TEST</a></div>
    Place the Real Link within yourfirDiv which is set to not display until yourFunction has been executed.
    <div id="yourfirDiv" style="display:none;"><a href="http://www.google.com">TEST</a></div>

    The DEMO:

    I have created a demo for you all which pretty much replicates EXACTLY
    what I am using. For the demo, I have used the MediaFire link which was
    posted on this forum, today, for a CPA method (CPASto*m).
    As mentioned above, I used a Content Lock Pro locker, just like I do on my
    real pages. The links are just links to the CLP homepage, so you can click
    on them without fear of having to complete an offer.
    I have set this locker to be removed on a one-minute Timer, so this is what
    you should do:
    Visit the demo page, and wait as long as you wish - nothing will happen.

    Once you are bored of waiting, click on the link to download your file. A
    locker will pop up, displaying some offers.
    Wait as long as you like, nothing further will happen.

    When you're bored again, lol, click on one of the offer links. It will open the
    CLP homepage in another tab or window.
    Return to the "locked" mediafire page and wait for ONE MINUTE.

    The locker will be removed. Now, click on that download link again - you will
    be taken to the MF page and, if you like, you can download the file ;)

    Thanks are welcomed, and appreciated.
    Folks, I have been using hundreds of these little twists, some make
    autopilot income at a low level, and others are my main breadwinners - it's
    up to you to "inspire me" to share.
    My current motivation is offering "payback" to BHW, I wouldn't be where I
    am today without the information, code snippets, and downright
    awesomeness of some of the members, all of which came from this forum
    since I joined back in 2008.

    The demo can be seen at http://contentlockpro.com/demomfire

    PS One other thing. I'm non-violent by nature...BUT...I see one of you idiots
    rehashing this into an ebook and selling it on, and I WILL hunt you down and
    make you sorry you ever read my threads, LOL
    Let's stick to sharing, and helping, for FREE - ok?
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    Internet marketer
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    would be cool if their was a video tutorial for this , sounds cool but complicated :)
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    In a bright place---------------------------------
    Yep, I vote for the video tutorial as well, here's the plan...

    Visit the demo, view the source code, download it, save it.

    Grab yourself a copy of Camtasia or similar - they do a 30-day free trial ;)

    Start working through the thread, follow it carefully, it's all laid out in lots of detail.

    Record what you are doing, blank out whatever you need to keep your own
    info secret.

    Post the tutorial so everyone else that needs it can also be spoonfed :baby09:
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    United States
    Thanks for sharing..sounds like a good concept but I might have to read it a few more times to fully understand what it does.
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    Im just not getting the concept OP..take sometime to do a video..good share.
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    Self Employed
    Never Land
    A very sweet way of making that $$$ ;) RESPECT!!!
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    In a bright place---------------------------------
    Nope, I refuse!!!

    I got my better half (a Scottish lady) to make demo videos for CLP and ever since someone posted some drivel about her sounding like a welsh tranny with God-knows-what-up-his-jacksie, she's stopped talking to me!!!!

    So no, if some of you guys from BHW can't tell a posh Scottish bird from a Welsh transvestite, there's NO WAY she's ever gonna make a vid for me again ;)

    Now, the concept, let me try and reword, re-explain:

    You are making two links but displaying only one at a time.

    In my implementation, the first one "calls" a locker, so, when the link, which is visible, is clicked on, a locker appears and "locks" the page.

    In the background, via a counter which starts when the displayed link is clicked on, the "visible" or "hidden" properties of the two original links are "swapped".

    So, after a visitor unlocks the page, when he clicks on the link again, it is now your second link, and either goes to wherever you want, or "does" whatever you want.

    That is the code side of things, in a nutshell.

    The method side of things goes like this:

    You offer "free", "shared" or "cracked" downloads. You can find the links to these downloads all over the place. Stick to links offered by free uploads/downloads sites - you know the ones!

    Now, take that link, and follow my method with it. This is INSTEAD of re-uploading to a crappy pay-for-downloads site, and INSTEAD of using revsharing link sites such as Adsfly, etc

    Why? Because doing it using my method means you get ALL the cash you generate. All you need is a decent locker (gateway) and decent networks.
    If your locker is universal and self-hosted, you can use ALL the networks.
    If you use a free locker offered by a gateway network, well, you're stuck
    with them. With the first type of locker, you'll make shitloads of cash, with
    the latter, you'll leave some of that cash on the table (more like in shady
    networks' pockets!).
    With either, you WILL earn, and nice amounts, if you just TAKE ACTION.
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    Thanks, I was looking for a similar "on-click" content locker script not too long ago. I like the fact that the user only has a one option to click.
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    I have 3 questions:

    - We can't change from a free locker to a selfhosted one later on?

    - If we have our own hosting, (Hg), is it possible to get banned from it doing this?

    - Whats the best free locker program to use? (I dont have the $97 to invest in CLP yet).
  10. TwistedMarketing

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    password for the rar file ?
  11. Abstroose

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    Thai Boxer
    Can't believe people have the cheek to ask for a video tutorial. If you can't understand the method, then just stick with MFA sites and eBay. OP has done enough already by sharing an excellent method. I think this belongs in VIP. Thanks and rep for you.
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    In a bright place---------------------------------
    - Why not? Of course you can, just swap out the embed code :)

    - I can't see any reason on earth why you would be banned. You are only
    locking an image of a download location. Then, you are linking to that
    downloads site. You are NOT hosting anything dodgy, you have NO CLUE who
    did the original cracking/stealing/sharing/rehashing, whatever, nor did YOU
    upload the file, nor do you know who did - what's to ban for?

    - Sorry, I'm not in the business of sending potential customers to somewhere
    else, lol. BUT, 2 minutes' thought dedicated to constructing a search on this
    forum will yield multiple free implementations ;) They won't be as snazzy or have the features of a network-based locker, but they'll do the job.

    - Waiting for you to pop back in here in a few days, reporting that you now
    have the $97 and want to scale up in a big way!!!
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    In a bright place---------------------------------
    Sorry, it never occurred to me that you guys and gals might actually
    WANT the download, hahaha

    In fact, had I thought about it, I might even have popped some tempting
    offers in the locker for ya :cool: (mind you, kind of defeats the purpose when I
    told ya'll it was set to a one-minute timer ;))

    Anyway, just search the Downloads section for that share, it wasn't my
    share, I just spotted it this morning so used it for my example demo.

    It was originally shared elsewhere, and, according to the GET thread posted
    here, the pass is:


    To All,

    Do NOT ask me about the download/share you'd reach if you visited Mediafire
    from my Demo. It was never intended to be any part of this, it was just used
    for the sample, and I know nothing about it, haven't even downloaded it, so
    can't help you with it.
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    Cashing in
    thugz mansion
    Move to vip immediatly
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    No it wouldnt be cool. In fact, Im so glad the OP didnt make a video so people that are dying to be spoonfed can GTFO.

    How dare you ask the OP to "take time to do a video." If you dont understand, sorry. The OP shared his method and it seems clear as day to me. If your going to ask for the OP to take EVEN MORE time away from his life to spoonfeed you, I dont know what to say. This is ridiculous.

    On topic: Guys imagine. If you combine this with Crazyflx's thread here:


    thats big bank! If an email submit is the only thing that pops up and users dont even have to do survey.... thats big bucks!

    EDIT: I cant believe I forgot to say thank you to the OP. Thanks! I also clicked the button
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    It's not even funny anymore. A year ago I used to pay for rehashed WSO's that were nowhere near as clear as your method outlined here.

    I had seen something similar to this in action, but didn't know where to start exactly.
    A big thanks to JohnsonDaniel, this is a gem.:D
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    Guys, I can't understand why the hell you're asking for a video tutorial :eek: OP is not obligated to do that since you're not paying him anything, he's already done too much by giving us a step by step method and the code of course...

    I didn't understand shit when I first read the method as well lol, but then I re-read it again 2 more times and implemented it(it took less than 30min. for me) all it takes is some of the very basic skills to edit images and upload files to a server, and frankly this is one hell powerful code/method which I've never thought of till now..

    So thank you OP(rep added as well) and keep these shares coming :)
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    thugz mansion
    wtf it's not moved yet ? come on don't let the noobs ruin this for us. It's been some time since good shares like this popped up on BHW. This MUST be moved to VIP and johnsonDaniel upgraded.

    I'll implement this ASAP so I get a big piece of the pie lol before noobs ruin this with retarded stuff.

    And for the noobs asking to make a video, why don't you take the time to understand what you don't know ? Google, search here do your homework. HOW MUCH SPOON DO YOU WANT ?

    If you don't have the time to learn the "ropes" I suggest you guys leave this forum as you will not make any coin. EVER.
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    The one slight issue I see with this is that the URL you post will be to yoursite.com , not mediafire (for eg).

    Of course you can say follow these mediafire links to download lady gaga new ablum , and use ad.fly or linkbucks , which is normal for those sorts of warez, but then ppl will see yoursite.com instead of mediafire.com. I would guess a very small % of visitors would notice, but some might and then spoil the fun.

    Anyone have thoughts on this? I guess one could buy modiafire.com or another misspell that looks like mediafire, but that would probably have some legal problems, more so than the method itself. Which I love.