[METHOD] Increasing your Instagram followers as quickly as bots/scripts, for free

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    Hi fellow blackhatters! I never thought I would be able to contribute something to everyone here but I am rather confident that the method myself and five others have worked, out will help increase the amount of followers almost if not just as quickly as what botting/scripting would provide.

    The method I am going to detail within the next few following paragraphs, involve using the site: hxxp://xxx.insta-train .biz as well as having 1 - 3 "less than real" accounts on hand. For myself, when using a bot, I primarily only would be getting roughly 9 - 13 followers within an hour if I set the bot on auto-like only. However, when using the bot in combination with the site, well this picture much better describes it:


    I also would like to highlight that the fake... erm.. "less than real" accounts that you would be using, won't be banned during the process and so you can re-use them for other black hat ventures. So without any further ado here is the method I have analyzing for the past few days.

    E X P L A N A T I O N

    The way this site works is similar to the movie Contagion; the only difference is you are following the people you come in contact with (40 per train; 120 people/hour) instead of infecting them with a disease. When you have liked everyone within the "train," you will subsequently move down the queue once people starting boarding the train. Now the catch is that the website forces you to follow those people (40 people) every time you board a train. What I mean by force is that the website will automatically follow people once you clicked the button to hop on. The subjection to automatic follows of course, can be avoided if you become a "V.I.P" and pay them a ridiculous amount of money. Having said that, this is where your less than real accounts come in to play. When you refer your fake accounts, you earn 100 credits, which would automatically bump you to VIP status for a short amount of time (1 hour). Sooo, whenever that hour is almost up, just refer another fake account so that you would get the VIP status again.

    K E Y N O T E S

    This website is extremely vigilant in finding out if you unfollowed ANYONE at all and will ban you from their services IMMEDIATELY (within two - five minutes). Although I don't know how they are able to check and figure it out, I discovered the amount of unfollows that would trigger the ban after a lot of trial and error runs.
    • MAX amount of unfollows allowed within the first hour: 3
    • MAX amount of unfollows allowed within the second hour: 2
    • MAX amount of unfollows allowed within the third hour: 0
    After the third hour, if you decide to unfollow anyone (up to 3 people) it would not trigger the system.

    Although there are a few sites similar to the one this one, the reason why I chose to use this as an example to share with everyone here is because of the type of followers you obtain. Everyone that follows you once using the website are good quality. What I mean by good quality is ... well they are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Not only that, but they have a good amount of pictures uploaded as well as followers and other content. My method is no where near perfect since I really don't have an answer on how to bypass their anti-unfollow system other than to accumulate your desired amount of followers and then unfollow everyone you wish afterwards.

    Thanks for reading! If I find out anything new, I will provide updates right away!

    I forgot to provide the statistics for everyone here. The following stats having been collected and averaged out over a span of five days between six people.

    Every hour with VIP status the amount of followers you would get are:

    MEAN: 70
    MEDIAN: 78
    MODE: 84
    RANGE: 60 - 117
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