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Sep 20, 2011
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Hello everyone,
I hope you are all doing okay at the moment. I have wanted to share this guide for a while now and I hope that it could help a few of you get some extra income during those uncertain times.


So a few months ago I have noticed a sort of a trend on Youtube of big channels creating Fiverr videos. You probably know what I am talking about: all those videos of big content creators with click bait titles such as "I paid X on Fiverr and that's what I have got", "I hired X on Fiverr and then that happened", in all sort of different, crazy niches:


Needless to say it sparked my interest and I have tried to dig deeper into it. A lot of those videos went viral easily, and I was wondering whether I can duplicate their success and if it would work for a smaller channel as well. I have went through hundreds of different similar Fiverr videos, trying to analyse them and figure out a sort of template of what makes them successful.

The general concept of those videos is usually - The Youtuber choose a type of service that is offered on Fiverr, buy and test a few services with different price points and finally he showcase the deliveries that he received from the Fiverr sellers to the audience.

When I started examining those videos, the 2 main things I have noticed were:
1) Almost none of the existing Fiverr videos had one crucial element - affiliate links.
2) After each viral Fiverr video from a big channel, the recommended videos seemed to be similar videos (usually about the same exact service) from much smaller channels.

Sure, videos like the ones above which have millions of views and are created by well known content creators are making very good money from ad revenue, but adding a simple affiliate link sounds so easy and I was sure it can increase the profit margins. Not to mention that for smaller channels like mine it can be the only source of income, if you are not monetised.

The next step I took was looking around for similar Fiverr videos from small channels, with lower number of views. and there's certainly a lot of them:


Now, 95% of them didn't have affiliate links as well, but had nice amount of comments and likes and it was very clear that despite generally having low view numbers - they had good engagement ratio and it appeared that anyone watching those videos was targeted and relevant to the service type, which is a shame because as I said - most of them didn't have any affiliate link.

At this point, I was sold and decided that it's time for me test this concept out and see how a Fiverr video from a brand new channel would perform. It obviously won't make any money from ads, so the only thing that counts is affiliate commissions.

Integrating with Fiverr's Affiliate Program

So let's talk a bit about Fiverr's affiliate program as most of you are probably not aware that it even exists. I wasn't either until last year.

The program itself is pretty straight forward - you send traffic to Fiverr gigs or categories, and get paid either via:

1) A fixed CPA commission (between 15-150$) for the first purchase of a user who signed up using your link, depending on the category of the service he purchased.

2) An hybrid revenue share commission of 10$ + 10% of the total purchases the users you send make on Fiverr during the first 12 months after their registration date.

This model is perfect for the type of videos we am talking about as they are showcasing very specific gigs, which increases the chance your referred users would actually be interested in getting a similar service to the ones you have showed and end up purchasing the same gigs.

Link to register to the program - https://affiliates.fiverr.com/

The process of the Fiverr + Youtube method:

Step 1 - Choosing a specific topic:

The first step is obviously choosing the topic of the video. It needs to be about testing a Fiverr service, but there are plenty of different options to choose from.

I don't want to disclose the exact niche I have chosen, but let's just say that I didn't put too much effort into it and just went with something that I saw was doing well already.

My suggestion for those who would like to try it out and find a topic for a video is to go to Youtube and follow the autoplay cycle.

What does it mean? you go to a popular Fiverr video and click on the video showing up in the "up next" section, like this:


until you arrive to a video that have a realistic number of views (30K and less). Now you just copy it and create a video on the same topic, with a few twists to make it unique.

Why? because like I have said before - my main take from this trend is that after each Fiverr video from a big channel, the recommended videos are almost always similar videos from medium channels. Your goal should be that your video would join the autoplay cycle and would get recommended as well after those medium channels. This way we'll start getting some easy free traffic.

Step 2 - Testing some Fiverr services

So after we have chosen the topic of our video, it's time to test a few Fiverr gigs so we'd have actual content for the video.

I debated with myself a lot regarding how many services I should try and showcase in the video. when I studied the number of services shown on other Fiverr videos I saw numbers ranging to up to 10 different services in a single video. The more interesting part that surprised me was the fact that a few videos showcased only a single Fiverr gig, and they seemed to do just as well.

As it was an experiment, I have decided to follow this option in order to save money and see if it's really necessary to test and show multiple options.

Step 3 - Producing the actual video

Surprisingly, the production of the video itself was not very complicated and overall it took me only a few hours to get everything done.

You should aim for a 7-10 minutes video, divided into 3 parts:

1. discussing the type of service you are going to check out

2. showing the available options in Fiverr and the specific service you decided to purchase.

3. discussing the final results with your audience.

I made everything with a screen casting software and my own voice. You can absolutely pay a voice over artist to do it for you, but I think it's very important that the voice would sound personal and not like your typical commercials guy.

After a few basics pieces of editing, the video was almost ready. I paid a guy on Fiverr to create a thumbnail for me (free idea for a another video, anyone?) as those can really make or break any Youtube video, especially when I am banking on getting more views from suggested and auto-play traffoc. All the Fiverr videos have pretty much the same design (as you can see from the previous screenshots) so I just told him to create something similar.

And finally - I published the video on a brand new channel. I did proper on-page optimisation and made a similar description to most of the other videos I was competing with, as well as almost the exact title of the video that I was trying to get auto suggested for. This is very important and you should definitely read more about Youtube optimisation if you are not familiar with the subject.

Results and conclusion:

As could be expected, the video didn't become an instant viral hit, but after a while it started getting a steady daily number of views which keeps getting higher and higher as time goes by. Currently, the video got about 6K views. I am nowhere close to monetization goals, but that was never the point of this channel.

It's been about 4 months since I have initially published my video. Here's the total number of commissions I have made from it via the Fiverr affiliates program:


I believed in this idea, but the results still surprised me. Sure, this number is not a huge amount of money especially when spread across 4 months, but I have spent about 100 dollars creating this video so the ROI is very nice.

More so, if you calculate the CPM from this video it comes down to about 200$, which is just INSANE in comparison to Adsense.

The bottom line from my perspective is that this kind of videos just work, both in terms of traffic and in terms of the money you can earn from them, especially if you use Fiverr's affiliate program to earn more commissions. It require you to put some effort into the video creation, but as long as you create quality content it would pay off.

The big channels keep creating this type of videos because they get viral easily and make them tons of money, but there's no reason that smaller channels won't take advantage of this strategy as well. And now you know how!
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cut it short , you buy the video from Fiver than marketing it ?
I actually thought of a similar method a few days ago when I saw videos of that bass player appear on my social media feeds, since I have a project in that niche. But I don't feel like making videos. So I thought of a twist. I'll see if it works and hopefully share this twist here. Thanks for the great share, by the way!
Smart thinking OP :)

You caught a trend and surfed it like a wave. I suspect it was a wise choice with the fiverr affiliate link as well -- this might be the real key to your success; video content and the aff. destination match well.

Well done.
Great idea but this is what i will do
I will contact those people that made videos already and ask them to put my affiliate link there for a commission
don't copy me :D:D
I actually thought of a similar method a few days ago when I saw videos of that bass player appear on my social media feeds, since I have a project in that niche. But I don't feel like making videos. So I thought of a twist. I'll see if it works and hopefully share this twist here. Thanks for the great share, by the way!

Whats the twist all about
great share OP, those bigger channels are missing out on a lot of dough.
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