fiverr affiliate

  1. enzobusiness11

    Fiverr Affiliate - Purchasing through your own affiliate link

    Hey guys, I saw a familiar thread that was on the topic of Fiverr affiliates and buying services through your own link in order to make a profit. I am aware that websites like Fiverr and such would target you IP, as I do have precautions around this and have looked into getting around certain...
  2. Kumitsu

    Fiverr Affiliate issue

    Hi Guys, I run a few Fiverr gigs and a friend of mine is taking care of it from the affiliate side - he's putting my gigs on his website and social media under his affiliate account. He promised me a good bottle for this :D I was getting extra jobs, he was getting extra money - life was good...
  3. R

    Is Fiverr Affiliate still worth it?

    I'm asking this because; 1. Fiverr is very popular and most individuals/companies already have accounts 2. It's hard to get a FTB even the payout is pretty good. What do you guys think, is Fiverr affiliate still worth it?
  4. Vikjohn

    How does fiverr calculate affiliate commission

    I'm a bit confused how fiverr calculate affiliate commission. Ok their website, it says you earn between $15 to $150 and sometimes upto 1k per referrer, but how do you earn upto that when most service on fiverr is $5, I know some services are expensive but what if the buyer pays for a $5 gig...
  5. V

    [ Fiverr Affiliate Program ] A lot of unique Clicks & No Comissions Yet

    Hi guys, I hope all be good, I have this problem with fiverr affiliate programe , I have a lot of clicks every day and no yet Registrations or Comissions, I use Free traffic methods, Please if you can help me to know what is problem, and thanks.
  6. Florin84

    Looking for best affiliate recuring programs! Any suggestions?

    I'm looking for some affiliates programs who pay decently and are more popular. I used before amazon but the commision is just sh** now and not worth put my time in. What I use now is Fiverr affiliate program with is ok so far ( im affiliate from 2 months) and I was paid before ~120$ from but...
  7. Dark Hat 007

    Fiverr Affiliate - Tips & Tricks?

    So I recently joined Fiverr in June. I've had about 9 - 10 orders with a rating of 4.9. If I should keep waiting for Fiverr Algorithm to favour me, I definitely will grow grey hairs. Now, I joined the Fiverr Affiliate, and I'm promoting my Content Rewriting and WordPress Maintenance Gig...
  8. DonPato

    Scammed by Fiverr Affiliates After Earning Over $500

    Like the title said. They denied my payment saying my traffic is not legit. Even though my traffic is very clean and contains zero bots. All people were interested in the service/gig I was promoting and were a first time buyer just so they can buy the service/gig. Just a heads up to anyone...
  9. Hustlim

    Fiverr - is better CPA or hybrid model?

    Hi, Im making fiverr videos on youtube and want to know one thing. Still dont have enough traffic, but it will come... Is better fiverr CPA model o fiverr hybrid? Please explain to me :)
  10. F

    [Method] How I have made $1,295 from one video using Fiverr + Youtube

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing okay at the moment. I have wanted to share this guide for a while now and I hope that it could help a few of you get some extra income during those uncertain times. Intro: So a few months ago I have noticed a sort of a trend on Youtube of big channels...
  11. xtrc

    What are some good methods/gigs to sell on Fiverr?

    Hi all, What are some easy methods to start earning money on Fiverr? I currently offer translations from English to Dutch and copy editing. What other gigs would you could recommend? :)
  12. vishy

    Fiverr Affiliate - CPA Help Needed

    Hi guys, I have been promoting Fiverr affiliates for a few months now. I am getting uniques clicks daily and registrations but no first-time buyers commission. I am stuck here. Any Fiverr affiliate pros out there to share their wisdom. This is "free traffic" btw. Screenshot
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