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[Method] Hard Google Opinion Rewards Method. Scalable And Can Become Semi-Passive!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by EthanDigital, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. EthanDigital

    EthanDigital Registered Member

    May 27, 2015
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    Hello! This is my first method I am posting on the forum. This method involves creating multiple Android x86 VM's, and running different
    Google Opinion Rewards accounts on them. You use the accounts to do surveys and you use the money earned to buy apps from yourself and in turn lead to genuine

    Things You Will Need:

    • VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation(or an equivalent)
    • A Google Play Developer account
    • Custom Live Wallpaper Creator
    • Lots of time

    Notes: 1 VM is about $0.25 a day. If you want to make a lot you have to scale a lot. I am going to do this on a scale of 8 dollars a day.

    Step 1: Create 32 Android x86 Virtual Machines.

    Step 2: Create 32 Gmail accounts.

    Step 3: Install Google Opinion Rewards.

    Step 4: Set up each Gmail on Google Opinion Rewards as a middle aged, Spanish and English speaking female, who makes over $150,000+ a year, and lives in an urban area. This is the optimal demographic for Google Opinion Rewards and will get you the most surveys. If you don't speak Spanish just use Google Translate.

    Step 5: Open Google Opinion Rewards on each VM. Leave it open and exit the VM, selecting "Save Machine State" when you exit. This allows you to easily open the VM's and check for surveys.

    Step 6: Now that you have everything set up to start earning you need a way to turn your Google Opinion Rewards money into cold hard cash. This is where the previously mentioned Google Play Developer account comes in handy. Download Custom Live Wallpaper Creator. I cannot post links, so you can just Google it.

    Step 7: Go on the internet and find an animated GIF. Use Custom Live Wallpaper Creator to package the GIF into an APK. Your wallpapers don't have to be great, but at least try to make them decent.

    Step 8: Upload the live wallpaper to Google Play, set the price at $0.99.
    Rinse and repeat. Create lots of live wallpapers.

    Step 9: Use the money generated from Google Opinion Rewards to buy your wallpaper and receive the money from Google Opinion Rewards.

    You are finished! You should be able to generate $8 dollars a day with 32 accounts. If you make 64 accounts you can expect $16 a day. If you make 128 accounts $32 a day. Etc...

    I am sure someone on here could find a way to automate this.

    Twist: Use the accounts that you buy your wallpapers with to leave fake 5-star reviews on the wallpapers. Believe it or not people will buy them, even without using fake reviews you can get sales on the worst wallpaper. If you did this daily for a month and made 30 wallpapers, leaving 8 fake reviews a day I think you could expect to make over $300+ in sales a month semi-passively after that. I haven't personally tried this twist yet, although I have made a Google Play Developer account and uploaded 10 wallpapers and I have made $40 in a month doing nothing so if you applied this twist you would get tons of sales.
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  2. StanMan

    StanMan Junior Member

    Jan 3, 2014
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    I like how you speeled Google
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