[METHOD] Growing your business offline as a photographer.

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    Hey everyone,

    I came up with this method fairly recently when brainstorming with a friend thinking about getting into the wedding photography business in a major city.

    This is a very simple method to grow a business, and the same concepts can probably be applied to a lot of other different types of business.

    Step 1: Create a wedding photo portfolio. As a photographer, you may already have a bit of experience photographing various people. Pull together what you can into a neat looking portfolio - find a good binder at your local office supply store. If necessary, find models willing to shoot for free (modelmayhem is an example of such a place).

    Step 2: Collect a list of party halls, wedding chapels, private event spaces and venues, and anywhere else people with money might think to throw a wedding party.

    Step 3: Have postcards designed advertising your services. Use your best photos to make these cards, put a link to your website and make it as appealing as possible.

    Step 4: Visit these chapels, party halls, etc. Your goal here is to meet with the owners/managers and organize a deal in which these places could keep you on file, place your cards in whatever entryway space there is, or to pass them out to any couples who stop by to inquire about the space. Work out a revenue split that rewards the party venue for any referrals they make, and for any parties or weddings that are booked.

    Some cities have dozens, if not hundreds of party venues. If you do this right, you can build up exposure in dozens if not hundreds of different venues, enabling you to profit from numerous sources of booking leads.
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