[Method] Free traffic from fiverr

Only 1 out of 10 sellers might go to your site and spend 10 seconds.
But before that : if you send the same message to many sellers , your message will end up in spam.
So I feel this is too much work for almost nothing of value.
As soon as you send 20 same messages in Fiverr, your account will be flagged by their Security and Trust team.
This method may work if a twist is added. I'm already thinking of one and will update this post if it works.
Fiverr sellers? If you message 10 to go to your site, all 10 of them will. Fiverr are super dupa egar to get biz considering how competitive it is.

You wouldn't believe how far the Fiverr sellers would go to get my biz.

But 100% sure you will get a spam suspension if you send same message to everyone. Many fiverr sellers they know each other haha, and they talk. I know because I was negotiating price with one of the sellers, and some other sellers automatically change their prices, haha. And I suspect some sellers have more than 1 account to max. biz they get.

I do have a twist I could recommend though. Many sellers, the bigger ones, have biz outside of fiverr. Why don't you contact these ppls outside of fiverr and ask them to take a lot at the sites. And of course you will only contact each seller once, and you will use many different email addresses to mix it up.
i tried with content locker but they couldn't figure out how to do it
it will never work... message will be go for spam folder.. to sellers at fiverr...
If you do it randomly it will work but and you might get some subscribers as well. But its very hard work. Maybe better to use it on Facebook and say PM me for info and lots of people will PM you and you send them the link.
Create a Fiverr account and message sellers, drop your link, that you want website redesign, how much.
what you will get:
real free traffic.
low bounce rate.
Large time spends on the website.

You can try this with seoclerks and some other freelance sites too like legiit.
You can get youtube views too. Just ask then you want a similar video, how much.

I see people doing this on fiverr.
Wow, very interesting Idea. and will be effective too. I am going to use it by content locking.
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