Aug 31, 2018
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Hi all :)

Today am going to teach you a method that will save you a good amount of time while outreaching authors for guest post/link exchange for your website. Using this method you can easily finalize 10-20 free guest post titles with authors every week.

This method is very effective for agency or webmasters which has 5+ websites.

Tools required:
  4. Google Sheets
Lets dive into:

Step 1: Scrape URLs which are accepting guest posts from your niche.

Most of you guys already know about this. We can use search specifier to get the list of website in google search results. Example:

  • "tech" “submit a guest post”
  • "Android" “guest post by”
  • "travel" “contribute an article”
  • "health" “want to write”
  • "apk" “submit your post”
  • "SEO" “become a contributor”
  • "gadgets" “accepting guest posts”
Open Simple SERP Scraper to export CSV


You can change the number of search results per page you want, from the current setting we get 100x3=300 SERP URLs. Now you have 300 websites which accept guest posts in nicely exported CSV. Now open the sheet and copy the URL row and paste it in a new google sheet file.

Step 2: Extract emails from the scraped webpages.

To do this we will use email extractor chrome plugin, Just import the URL then run automation. It will automatically open every webpage and collect emails from the page. Please note the success rate is around 60-70% as many blog/website use contact form to prevent spamming.


Step 3: Prepare your Google Sheet

Now we have URLs and their contact email now we need to create one more column which is their blog name. Writing blog names is only manual work, but you can take an idea from their domain itself. After creating these three columns your sheet should look like this:


Step 4: Creating an outreaching template for YAMM

For this we must need canned responses to be enabled in our Gmail account.
  • Log into your Gmail account.
  • Click on Gear icon.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Navigate to the Advance option
  • Enable the "Canned Responses".
  • Click on "Save Changes" button

Now we have canned option enable, we can now create an outreach template which will be used by YAMM. To create this simply go to gmail then compose your draft. Please note, to fetch inputs from the sheet we need to specify the column name in this way {{Blog}} it will take inputs from "Blog" column one by one. If you are confused I suggest watching

Okay, let me show you my template to get a better Idea.


I recommend you to just take an idea from this template don't replicate it. After creating the template save it as a canned response and jump to google sheet.

Step 5: YAMM Magic

Now everything has been set now you just need to go your sheet > Add On > Add new > Search YAMM. After installing aging go to Add on > YAMM > Launch.

After launching for the first time it will ask you for some permissions, just grant that. Now it will fetch canned response from your gmail, select the one you have created, enable tracking option then proceed to send.

Sit back and follow on with dashboard.


Now you can follow on with the authors and finalize the topic.

Note: Repeat this with new scarpe urls, eliminate duplicates try micro niches for better results :)
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Dec 3, 2015
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This honestly makes a good read. Kudos !

If you would like to have your Brand/Agency email attached to your Gmail canned responses, Using your brand webmail to send out your outreach makes you look more professional.

This guy has got a nice Video :

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Aug 9, 2018
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Nice share. It will need for our upcoming niche site project.
Thanks mate