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  1. Seo Planner Com


    CONTACT DETAILS : Payoneer: [email protected] Skype ID: Telegram: Email ID: [email protected] Airtm : [email protected] Accept BTC,ETH,TRON,TRC20,Paypal,Airtm
  2. sageshark

    $15 for Guest Post in my Website

    I have a 6+ years old website in the Health / Wellness / Lifestyle niche. I am willing to sell the Guest posts / Niche edits to make passive income. I will give 1 Do-follow backlink with the anchor text of your choice. Site has following metrics – Domain Authority (DA) – 18 Page Authority (PA)...
  3. N

    Looking For Europeans Sites (.de .fr .it .es) for Guest Posting

    I am looking for European sites with 20+ DA and 500+ traffic. Domain to be preferred (.de .fr .nl .be .it .es)
  4. Zahid009

    Guest posting

    How we can increase The DA or DR of the Website..?????
  5. Petergk

    Guest Post Question

    I have a travel blog that gets around 10k-20k pageviews per month. I started it in August 2019 and the best month was during summer since the country I blog about gets 80% of the tourists between May and September. However, I believe that these are pretty good numbers especially with covid in...
  6. X

    Services / Platforms / Reachout software for Buying & Selling Guest Posts?

    We have a medicinal cannabis niche content website and are looking to both sell/exchange posts on our blog as well as purchase niche relevant posts from others. We have noticed a large amount of people reaching out to us with the same format to their articles, leading me to believe that they...
  7. Xaliu

    [GIVEAWAY] Guess Posts on my news site

    I'm want to give free guest posts on my news site. DA: 20+ News Catagories: Politics Entertainment Technology Business Celebrities General news. Content must be original and copyscape passed. 800 words minimum and images are required in your post, you can add 1 backlink in the post. PM me...
  8. C

    Looking for Guest posts

    Hello, we are a software development and digital marketing company. We buy links every day and for this matter, we have high standard metrics that the sites need to accomplish. It is important to tell you that we only buy new links, if we already posted on a page I will not buy it again. The...
  9. C

    Hello BHW, Let me introduce myself

    Hi, My Name is Chris and I work for a Marketing agency, we are looking for new sites to work with in niches such as Sports, esports, Gambling and Politics. If you have sites, please send me an email to calpizar {at} taurosports [dot] com
  10. pranavd2008

    Need a Guest/Featured Post on Indian News Website

    As mentioned in Title We need a Guest/Featured Post on an Indian News Website I saw some freelancers/sellers selling Fiverr, Upwork selling Guest post on It's an Indian News Website Pricing-Varies $80- $140 (Different on Different Website) So I thought I can get a better...
  11. akshay_saini

    How much should I charge for guest post on my DA75 and DA55 websites?

    Been receiving lots of inquiries from various advertisers (hosting companies and review sites as well) looking to purchase guest posts with ******** links on my two websites. Here are some stats: SITE #1 Domain Authority (DA): 75 Domain Rating (DR): 70 Alexa ranking: 30.000 Language: English...
  12. S

    Free Guest Post on my blog

    Categories include Tech (notebooks, tablets, E-readers, gadgets, apps), health, sports, food, fashion, and travel. Site is small and upcoming Requirements: Article must be 500+ words UNIQUE & Hand Written Content. 2 do follow link allowed. Let's go.
  13. zenow

    Great Backlink- Free Gust Posting For Only First 10 People

    Hello everyone, I have learned a lot from this forum. I have been visiting this forum daily for 6 years and now I have created my account on it a few days ago. I am giving opportunity to all the members of this forum to post a free guest on my website. To participate in the free guest posting...

    [METHOD] Automating your guest-post outreach

    Hi all :) Today am going to teach you a method that will save you a good amount of time while outreaching authors for guest post/link exchange for your website. Using this method you can easily finalize 10-20 free guest post titles with authors every week. This method is very effective for...
  15. c_sharp

    Guest post agencies: which niches are your clients asking for in 2018/2019?

    I feel like building a new blog and I want to make sure I target something guest post agencies are asked to move on so it can have an extra income stream down the road (or just some free content). Apart from the obvious majors like tech/finance/fashion, what are your clients asking for and...
  16. K

    Guest Post Suffering

    Hello everyone, I've been doing blogger outreach for the last couple of months, I've sent around 100 emails and got 2% response rate, the problem I'm facing is that it is either you send generic emails or one single email can take you 30 - 60 minutes of research to figure out a compelling way...
  17. J

    Looking for guest posts

    Hi, I am looking for guest post service, sites DA+35 in design, graphics, PSD templates, Photoshop niches. PM me for other details and budget.
  18. S

    Need guest posts for home improvement site

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there are any guest post vendors who have a list of sites and prices they can send me? Thanks!
  19. B

    GIVEAWAY - Free Guest Post On Aged (19yrs) High Authority PR8 Website

    Hello guys! At the beginning let's clear why I am doing this. As a member of this great community for about 5 years I have learned a lot, talked and worked with exceptional people. When I was starting, I chose the hardest way of making money online - SEO. Now, it is time to give something back...
  20. martinovich

    [WTB] Need GUEST Posts in TRAVEL niche websites in -;.es;.de;.se - domains.

    Hello. Looking for GUEST Posts TRAVEL niche websites in domains -;.es;.de;.se ! GUEST Posts in: 1) UK domains ( 2) SPANISH domains (.es) 3) GERMAN domains (.de) 4) SWEDEN domains (.se) About domains: 1. Must be registered in its COUNTRY domain register. 2. Must be relevant with...