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Mcpherson94's Journey Towards Enlightenment

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by mcpherson94, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Jun 25, 2013
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    Hey BlackHatWorld!
    I'm a 19 year old from the most isolated city in the world. Perth, Western Australia.

    The Rationale:

    Let me first make this clear. This is journeys primary focus is not to make disposable income. It is not to fund materialism, rather, it is to support a lifestyle. It is a means to an end. That end being the fulfilment of my dreams, allowing me to do everything I have ever wanted to do. Allowing me to take a 'no-hold-barred' approach to life. I believe whole-heartedly that no amount of income alone will bring me happiness. Time, to me, seems the more valuable than any dollar.
    So of course, there is no point spending it being miserable, doing something you despise, or being in the company of those who do not appreciate you. It's simply too short.

    I have never been someone to enjoy routines or endless monogamy. Which our society seems to promote. Wake, go to work, come back, save a little money, go on a holiday, get drunk occasionally, repeat (I know, it's cliche). This living is so crushing to the adventurous spirit and is at the root of my fears. Fears that I will lose my energy, give up and just become part of the 'machine'. Lately, I have been drifting in and out of motivated states, having little or no other humans to be able to relate to in this particular venture, and so, I figured BlackHatWorld might be able to provide some kind of helpful/supportive network for these particular goals.

    What I'm specifically trying to do here:
    - Automate income.
    - Get paid for doing what I enjoy.

    • Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.
    • Spiritually aware.
    note: I wish to be able to make this income without deception, criminal means or adult sites... If possible :p

    What am I doing?
    Currently siting idly in this room flicking in between Facebook and Youtube tabs, thinking that if there was any justice in the world, someone would shoot my lazy ass and replace me with a malnourished African child named 'Jamal.' I'm on University (or College, what have you ) break.

    Campaign 1:
    - Maintaining 8 Tumblrs set on automatic publishing schedules for EST afternoon/night.
    So far they have worked together to make me a whopping total of $5.50 on Google Adsense!

    - 3 of these are dedicated to the same niche (self-help) and it seems to be growing consistently even when It's not posting.
    The users who share and like are doing all the work. Of course, this isn't big money.

    - I have 1 Wordpress blog dedicated to the same niche that is also on a schedule. Except instead of pictures, it is text based and also growing quite rapidly.

    What I will do:
    Increase posting rates, grow faster traffic on all of these networks and occasionally post a product or link to a monetized site related to the niche and/or Clickbank could be used.

    Campaign 2:
    -Blog writing for fun. 2 main Wordpress blogs. The early one is not niche based, just a mix-match and so I have found it difficult to advance it further in the blogging world.

    - The second is niche based; comical 'ranting' and complaining about anything under the sun really. It has been gaining a decent amount of views and followers given It's been up a week or so and I haven't promoted it.

    What I will do:
    Stop taking anger management classes. (jokes..) Extend this to a youtube channel full of rants and related content, set posting schedules for both to free up time.

    Campaign 3:
    -Indie game/android console website. I set this site up in a couple of days and it's the second site i've made myself. its been up about two weeks and hasn't made a cent, despite what I thought was adequate promotion.. (4 Wordpress + 4 Tumblr + 3 Squidoo lens + 2 PDF + 4 Yahoo Answers + 1 Facebook + 6 Social bookmark)

    -it is set up with Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank and features articles I have written and copied for keywords (full credit given to authors).

    What I could do:
    1. Wait it out.. see how it goes.
    2. Create more bookmarks...
    3. Abandon in/ try and sell.

    Campaign Omega
    I have 900 dollars in my bank account. That's it. I quit the previous part-tim jobs that I worked because I was losing my mind there and couldn't stand taking all the customers bullshit and aggression on behalf of store policies or prices which were beyond my control. I also hated listening to Ignorant, 'all-powerful' Boss' tell me what to do every second of the day. I couldn't stand keeping the positive facade in the face of adversity anymore.

    I plan to:
    - Browse Flippa for websites to purchase.
    - Buy a few less established outsourcable/automated sites
    - Promote, Promote, Promote! Either manual SEO or payed, i'm not sure..
    = $$$$

    Hopefully this won't fall through. I do, however, still have some hope in Campaign 1 which has been the only project to make me any money thus far. I've basically employed myself into arbitrary slave-labour.


    Last resort:
    1. Find new games
    2. Upload No/CD Cracks as torrents with PPD link (still technically legal hehe)

    Some Background, where I've been
    (Copied + pasted from my blog. Maybe it will give you some ideas? Sorry if it gets a little personal)

    'Scatter-Gun Theory' - 24th May 2013

    This is a theory I have come up with that supposedly ensures success in some shape or form in the shortest possible time. The theory involves, effectively, spamming a variety of different niches or opportunity areas simultaneously. Like firing a scatter-gun, which is like a shot-gun with a larger firing spread, it is inaccurate. If you fire the gun in the right direction, at least one little pellet will hit the target. Keep firing in the same manner, and eventually that one little pellet out of all the others that has been hitting the target will tear it pieces. Examples of this in practice: My earliest endeavour was to resell imported 64Gb USB-sticks from china nationally on Ebay. I tried selling eBooks on fishing/blog writing/fitness. I started 6 (or more? Lost track) blogs on different issues. Some on ?larger? more worldly issues, some on my own amateur fitness advice others on gaming, which stemmed to the VGU.tv gaming website I am now a member of? Despite not being able to get in touch with the editor because he has been hacked (sigh). I tried mining Bitcoin I produced my own forum literally overnight, setting up all the ads etc. This was targeted at the Crypto-Currency market, which as far as I can see has only 1 competing forum which is dedicated to Bitcoin. I collected vintage Nintendo cartridges with the intent on using them effectively as ?shares?. Started on posting MS Paint T-shirt designs online, even contacted indian design team. I?ve been contacting a Uni newspaper to try and get involved. I posted a prank video on university FB page (got roughly 200-ish views and dislikes pretty quick). I even tried betting on stock, and won more than $100! Then lost it at and an additional $200 larger because of my lack of patience and excitement. (I blame my genes) ********************************************************************************************************************************** What haven?t I done? It?s funny all this stuff that goes on behind closed doors, people probably look at me and see some unkempt, unemployed, single, mediocre student (all true..) Isolating me even further from the human community at large. I don?t want to sound like I?m bragging, because I?m not. Most and foremost I am a massive failure with at least 99.9%(made up statistic ) of everything I have attempted going wrong or not working out as planned. I wish for this to work as a form of ?natural-selection,? uprooting ideas that are not prospering and thus allowing more time for more successful ones. So far the most popular of my creations is the ?Darrel The Disappointing Pug? series. In other words, very limited success so far. How this will go, only the future will tell. (This was a funny series about a Pug that I had been writing at the time.. I believe I was up to episode 6)

    That's it for me at the moment guys! I would really appreciate everyones involvement in this thread and a culmination of new creative ideas!
    If anyone has advice or spins for my ideas/Campaigns please don't hesitate to share them. ;)

    Thank you for spending the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it!

    Regular updates.

    What I'd rather be doing...

    Scaling the Swiss Alps! (Adventure, mostly this)

    Chilling in this Balinese resort! (Travelling generally)

    Dating this generic hot chick!(hot chick)

    Watching B grade horror films and gaming in an awesome theatre! (with the hot chick)

    Being creative! Leaning an Instrument, making indie films, writing, etc.

    ***to be continued***