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Majin95 - Media Buying Journey = $$$$ !

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Majin95, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Majin95

    Majin95 Regular Member

    Nov 11, 2011
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    Hey guys, welcome to my journey !
    I started media buying to CPA last week and i'm starting to really like this business model.
    As i'm just beggining and the Media Buying section just reopened with some experienced and motivated people, i thought it would be cool to start a journey.
    I hope i will be able to help through the experience i will get and that experienced people will also give a hand if needed :D

    Important informations about the offers/traffic methods:

    I won't tell the offers that i'm running (mostly), nor the main source i'm using to drive traffic right now.
    I will share the most i can. I can't reveal my platform as it could rise the competition if people reading this thread start to do the same.
    About the offers, i'm going to reveal some of them but not all of them for the moment, just as a security lol, same thing with my CPA network. (Don't worry i will reveal a lot of things, i just want to make sure people won't copy my campaigns.)
    So please, don't ask for them, and even if you know, don't say them. Thanks.

    Niches i'm working on:

    - Trading
    - Online Games (not gambling but video games etc)

    Special note:

    I try to avoid US offers, i focus on french,uk,spanish,italy etc. The traffic is cheaper, i mainly focus on french as i'm french, so i can write good ads etc.
    The downside is that there is much less traffic than US (most of the time).

    What i have done so far from 12th March to today 18th March:

    1) Trading:
    I promote Traderush.com affiliate program. I don't know about the others but the french affiliate manager is really cool and helpful.
    The offer payout is 250$ and converts when the visitor makes a deposit (200$). They have a lot banners for affiliates, for each country (FR,ES,DE,EN,JAP,arabic).

    - I ran the French offer first, in 4 days: 47.71$ = 536 clicks, 12 sign ups -> NO DEPOSITS.
    12 people signed up, but made no deposit. So now i need to wait for their team to call them and hope they make a deposit. I tested the best landing pages the affiliate manager recommended me, i tested both with around 23$ and i kept the best one and i use them with the spanish and deutsch offer aswell. (I only got 1 sign up with the other one)

    - Then i tried the Spanish and Deutsch offers, in 6 days: SPAIN: 5.73$ = 163 clicks, 8 sign ups -> NO DEPOSITS. I get less traffic but it converts pretty good and clicks are way cheaper than France. (and france are way cheaper than US)
    DEUTSCH: 2.57$ = 68 clicks, 0 sign ups. Well, traffic is small, looks like it doesn't convert.

    I drove traffic through their banners and kept the best CTRs.
    I stopped the traffic execpt the spanish one for the moment, i'm waiting to see the results of their team. If with 20 sign ups they can make one people make a deposit i will get 250$ which is great, and i will promote them like crazy then. I think 20 sign ups is enough to see what they can bring, french traffic is a bit costly so i don't want to push traffic for nothing. Affiliate manager told me to wait at least a week, so their team can get them on phone etc. We will see !

    2) Online Games:
    I get them through a CPA Network. By Online Games i mean popular ones like Travian, Urban Rivals etc. I promote a few of them, they each have a different offer for every country.
    So here is it in 4 days (14th march to 18th march)

    Offer 1 FR (4$) : 18.59$ = 224 clicks -> 34 conversions -> 136$ -> EPC= 0.61$ Profit = 117.41$
    Offer 1 DE (2.45$) : 1.56$ = 42 clicks -> 2 conversions -> 4.90$ -> EPC= 0.12$ Profit = 3.34$
    Offer 1 EN (UK etc but not US)(4$) : 0.17$ = 13 clicks -> 1 conversion -> 4$ -> EPC= 0.31$ Profit = 3.83$

    Offer 2 SWE (2.90$) : 0.03$ = 3 -> 1 conversion -> 2.90$ -> EPC = 0.97$ Profit = 2.87$

    Offer 3 IT (0.90$) : 0.83$ = 16 -> 1 conversion - > 0.90$ -> EPC = 0.06$ Profit = -0.07$

    There are more offers but else my traffic isn't converting at all, else i did shit with the keywords so the stats are really not worth showing as i stopped them anyway.

    I only do direct link for the moment, no landing pages. For offer 1 the landing page has a great conversion rate and the offer doesn't allow custom landing pages anyway.

    Here is the report per day (as of today March 18) :
    3/14 = 14.30$
    3/15 = 24.00$
    3/16 = 64.90$
    3/17 = 34.45$
    3/18 = 16.70$

    How i drive traffic to my offers:

    - Secret Traffic Source : As you can see the "Offer 1 FR" is doing great, because my keywords are really targeted. But i can't scale it up, i can't drive more of that quality traffic from my platform, all i can do is to have a better CTR, which i'm working on.
    And it's the same for every offer, that's why i don't have a lot of clicks. I would have tested Offer 1 with US traffic if my CPA network had the US offer (i don't remember if there is one anywhere), looks like this online game is converting well.

    That's why i'm looking for more traffic sources. As i'm focusing on games i'm trying these sources :

    - Epic Game Ads "Offer 1 FR": 5.04$ = 32 clicks -> 0 conversions
    Tried with different banners, i only deposit 10$ so i will test the remaining on other offers. Bad Source.

    - Buzzcity "Offer 1 FR": 10$ = 220 clicks -> 0 conversions
    I had 20$ doing nothing, so i tested it. Buzzcity only target mobile devices, i don't know if it's mobile that doesn't convert well with my offer or it's just that the traffic sucks. Bad Source.

    - Direct Media Buy: I have used Google AD planner to find French websites related to free online games. I only targeted small websites (from 100 to 2000 UV/day) and sent them an email two days ago. 18 emails sent and 6 answers so far, all interested, some making already 200€/week or 500€/month etc via adsense, so they would like more, as i would take their adsense placements. I know i gotta check their organic traffic, demographics etc. I just don't want to give them that much money jsut for testing and i don't know if they will be ok 2-3 days test as they will have to replace their adsense etc ... and if my ads are going to be clicked :D

    What i want to do next, ideas etc:

    - Here are the traffic source i want to test asap, i already signed up or made a deposit to some, if you know a traffic source that could do well for my gaming offers, you are welcomed to share it :) : Mochimedia, BuysellAds, FB ads, Google Adwords, Lead Impact, Sitescout, pulse 360.

    - i also applied to WolfStormMedia CPA network, they have some great gaming offers and I really want to get in.. But they rejected my apply tonight i don't know why. I could really invest a lot on their network as i don't find their offers on other networks but i will still ned to more research for more offers. I sent them an email as a last chance to get into the network. If you know a network with lots of gaming offers please tell me :)

    - Making an Email list ? One idea come to my mind, always focusing on the promotion of those free online games. Making a squeeze page like "Get notified of the best upcomming 2013 Free online games" and then get an auto responder sequence with the offers, something like that. I don't know if people would optin lol. I would need a list for several countries. I can get traffic for fairly cheap in this niche so it might worth it.

    I'm opened to suggestions etc and if i can help i will.
    We will see what tomorrow will bring !
    Thanks For reading if you did it that long :D
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  2. jake042

    jake042 Regular Member

    Jul 24, 2011
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    Subscribed, seems very promising as you already took action. Do you have much experience with IM?
    Good luck!

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  3. Majin95

    Majin95 Regular Member

    Nov 11, 2011
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    Hey thanks ! yea, i'm just new to media buy to CPA, it looks like a stable business so i want to try it :)
  4. Majin95

    Majin95 Regular Member

    Nov 11, 2011
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    UPDATE 1

    First update of my journey !
    I'm focusing on finding good offers and traffic sources this week.

    So what i have done:

    -I have been looking deeply for more gaming offers on offervault and found 2 CPA networks with awesome offers.
    I Signed up to IQU and Publisherrev.com and followed up by an email saying im really exited etc (i really am lol) and that they can contact me on my email,skype,phone etc. I heard it will be easier to get accepted that way.
    If i get in both of them (and hopefully wolfstormmedia) i won't need to search for more networks, they are the best i think.

    - I have found some media buying european networks, i send a bunch of emails as it's not just register and make a deposit.

    - I have made a list of the networks i must try this month, all specialized in gaming:
    Mochimedia.com, mediatraffic.com, ad2games.com and cpmstar.com. Also considering buysellads and blogads.com.
    I'm going to try these networks first before starting direct media buys (contacting websites for their ad placements).

    - I have found adversal.com, i went ahead and deposit 25$. They don't have french traffic but european traffic (everything together), so i chose
    UK traffic and i'm made a campaign with the Offer 1 EN. Bid is 12$ for 8k impressions (pricy i think) with a 300x250 ad. They only deliver 1000 imp per day and it's split through the day so it's slow ... Well, we will see if it converts ! But nowi will stop trying random traffic sources like that, i will focus on those i listed above. You don't choose keywords but they have categories, i choose online games.

    - I got one conversion from Epicgameads.com ! Offer 3 ES Cost: 0.66$= 23 clicks -> 1 conversion -> 0.90$
    Profit= 0.24$ pokerface.jpg. The french campaigns didn't convert at all and i spent 7.50$ on them. So i will just stop them and let the spanish one run until i don't have any funds left. I'm done with epicgameads.com.

    Still 40 minutes until the end of the day but here are my earnings from this journey for today :

    19/03= 17.65$
    All from my secret traffic source exept the one from epicgameads.com
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  5. SeanEPC

    SeanEPC Newbie

    Feb 25, 2013
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    Learning about media buying myself! Good luck!
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  6. Majin95

    Majin95 Regular Member

    Nov 11, 2011
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    Thanks buddy !
  7. Kintoups

    Kintoups Junior Member

    Feb 21, 2012
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    Internet Marketer
    Bonjour Majin,

    Thanks for the journey. I started to get into Media Buy as well in the Francophone Market (France, Belgium, Québec, Morocco, etc.) but in very different niches. My niches are mostly Family/Relationship related.

    The Google Display Network has a lot of sites but I'm looking for a more Francophone/French marketplace to buy ads directly on french websites. I've looked at SiteScout but they don't have a lot of French sites. I also looked at Adversal (that you mentioned in your update) but as you said, it's not specific to France of French speaking countries.

    Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks again and hope to keep reading your journey!


    Mar 17, 2013
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    This thread sounds promising and those are quite good results for a starter in this game. Subscribed. Looking forward to see good results from you. Good luck
  9. aldoraine

    aldoraine Regular Member

    May 3, 2013
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    Any update on this?