1. B

    Looking for somebody who can create an AI API Chatbot

    Hey guys! ) I’m looking for somebody who can create an AI API Chatbot using LangChain in combination with chatgpt or any other LLM’s and deploy it on a website (and show me how to set it up). Let me know if this is your field and you can make this happen :) I will describe it in more...
  2. JazSky

    [Journey] $0 USD to $100K USD Buying, Selling, etc, etc on CSGO

    As i said on the title i'm going to try a to make money on CSGO Buying, Selling, etc, etc, etc, etc I'm going to update this every week (If I don't forget to update haha) First of all it's not true that is "$0 USD to $1000K USD", because you need to buy the prime status on CSGO for getting...
  3. Joseph nel

    Is there a tool for hunting a drop in price for a particular product

    I'm looking to purchase a book on eBay. I've noticed that occasionally some sellers post the same book at a lower price and the deal vanishes. Is there a tool to monitor product listings and report to me whether a new listing with a specific price/lower price is active?
  4. sweetangellis

    [Buying] I am looking to buy the TikTok Stitching method

    As the title says. Just hit me up and we can talk prices.
  5. redboi

    Looking for a reliable seller of BULK instagram accounts I can use to scrape follower / following endpoints

    Hello, I am looking to buy scraping instagram accounts, right now ~40 but over the course of the year we will probably buy 500-1000. We will be hitting one endpoint per account every ~2 minutes for around 1-2 hours a day. We want to buy from someone who can give advice on how to extend the...
  6. S

    YouTube Top Comment in 2022

    Been searching around the forums for information on how people were currently getting the top comments on YouTube. From what I've seen, the method that has been working for people is to have your own aged YouTube accounts and upvote yourself. Another method that I've seen is to look for lower...
  7. D

    Can BHW please do this?

    Hi there! I think becoming Jr. VIP for selling stuff here on BHW might not be a preferred option for beginner sellers here at BHW. So can BHW take a cut for each sale instead and for that moderate the sale by acting as a middle man? I mean this would greatly reduce scams and give an...
  8. xxx69

    Buying Udemy Affiliate Account (Should be Approved)

    Is there anyone who is selling their approved udemy affiliate account?? or someone who can approve for me?? i can pay you if you will approve it for me.
  9. G

    Buying Bing accounts

    I need bing account Requirments; - must be a week old minimum. - Dummy campaigns must be live. - Impressions must be shown. - VCC OR CC balance on it so i can chargeup. -
  10. DylanChase117

    WTB Verified Aus-based Airbnb Accounts

    Looking for Australian-based (or you can use VPN perhaps?) verified Airbnb accounts. Must be gov't ID, selfie, email verified.
  11. S

    Buy specific instagram username account

    Hello, I have a question. I want to have an account because of its specific username. The account owner has agreed with me about the price. Now I dont want to make a contract for it and Im looking for a way to make the transaction safely without the opportunity of the account seller to scam me...
  12. A

    [WTB] Buying OLD Gmail Accounts

    Buying Aged Gmail accounts created within 2008-2014. Bulk Buying. Contact me via discord or reply to this thread. Discord: Joakim#3430
  13. henryhuy

    Looking google play music account

    Hello, I want to buy Google play Music account to star selling some my audio. Need Account ready to use and have upload some video/audio and can change information. I also need Google Play Ebook account. anyone can pm or contact me via skype : Henryhuy79. Please note that I only send money...
  14. Korsakoffie

    Facebook Page likes

    Hello, Who has experience with buying facebook page likes? What sites are trustable and actually deliver where you pay for?
  15. camul3


    If I buy a Facebook account is there any malicious way the seller could get access back to the account they sold me, even if I change the email, password etc? I don't want to spend money and time and effort just for this to potentially happen. I'm probably just being paranoid but I just had this...
  16. ahmadtr14

    Buying Instagram Accounts

    Hello BHW, So i've posted before here and i got only one person who PMed me and replied! i'm posting again but this time, i need every seller to send me what accounts he has available for sale. As said before i am looking mostly for gaming Instagram Accounts, but i'd like to try working with...
  17. R

    Shoutout Buying

    Idk whether this is the right section or not, but I come straight to the point: I´m buying any form of advertisement/shoutouts if you got at least 80% male followers. Should have a decent reach, because I don´t want to buy small shouts on 50k or less. Searching for IG, Fb, Pinterest, Twitter...
  18. T

    Expensive Traffic vs Cheap Traffic?

    Hi, im in media buying for a while now and made some profits and im wondering one thing. For testing should i start with setting a low CPM (for example 0.10$ for Morrocco) or should i take traffic for higher rates? If you optimize your ad campaigns than you bid more for the good zones and...
  19. Brandmaestro

    Fiverr Review

    I am buying Fiverr reviews from 2 to 3 people. You have to be an established seller/buyer on Fiverr. I will be taking a look at your account prior to us working together. I am looking to pay $10 per 5 star review. I will also pay for the gig's fee. PM me if you are interested.
  20. Fresh Money

    Buying TrustPilot Reviews

    Hi guys, Looking for Trustpilot reviews that'll stick and won't get deleted/marked as spam or fraud. Hit me up if you can do this!
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