Looking for someone with big facebook group/page about science/experiments

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    I recently started doing youtube. I am in the science/DIY/Experiments niche. As of now, I have only 3 videos and not much views, but...

    My first video got some attention on reddit and I've been contacted by the owner of few very popular facebook pages (both over 1mil), he asked if he can feature my video on his page and I said go ahead as long as you give me credit. Unfortunately, their format is short 30-40 seconds videos about cool science stuff, so they edited it and uploaded as a facebook video giving the url to my channel in the first comment. Well, it got almost 700k views and 1.5k shares. Yeah, they have videos that reach millions, but most of them are getting around 150-500k, so mine was above average. Also I was contacted by Discovery Channel and gave them rights to feature it on their nightly tech show.

    So you probably thinking - wow this guy must have skyrocketed and is making money off youtube right now. Yeah, I made 3 f*ucking bucks xD

    I really want to make quality content, but so far I have the feeling that it is going to be a waste if I don't give it a push with some traffic. And unfortunately I don't have money to buy lots of fake views to boost ranking and tbh I don't want to.

    So here is the deal.... I am looking for someone with big science facebook group to post my videos there for a split of my youtube earnings. We can discuss terms and conditions of our deal in pm.

    Btw, can you actually embed a youtube video there? Because I see only videos that are uploaded to facebook player.