Looking for a private Instagram like bot with specific features [negotiable price]

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    Sep 10, 2013
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    I'm looking for a PRIVATE bot created for me with these specific features (Ones marked with an asterisk are not entirely necessary but would be a great feature to add)

    - Like RECENT photos NOT by hashtag (like Botstagram did)

    - I need it to be able to be ran more than once (I have up to 4 accounts I will be running at once)

    - If the bot is able to manage all 4 accounts in the same instance they need to have variable timing so they don't like all the same photos at the same time (Account 2 waits some time after account 1 starts to begin liking photos)

    - Variable like timing (I usually set it for 7 - 20 seconds so it looks more human-like)

    *- Ability to set automatic unfollowing of people who unfollow on certain accounts

    - Ability to see the photos it likes coming up as it likes them

    - Ability to set how many photos it likes per hour

    - If the bot has to use multiple clients (Pictacular, Luxogram, GramFeed, etc) I need to ability to use multiple and set how many likes to use per client per hour

    *- I would like if the bot is able to see if it is liking too many photos by a user (probably 5 max) so it doesn't spam people out too much

    ++++ I can be privately contacted on my Kik at JoshuaEshmont or by your choice ++++