Local Business Without Phisical Locations - Future is not Bright

Discussion in 'Local SEO' started by mikestern, Nov 18, 2014.

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    Most of us here know this scene of local business with fake address. probably most of you people here marketing for "fake" address business.
    and im trying to figure out if there is a light in the end of this tunnel...
    and what is it based on? i noticed that major citations websites, make it harder and harder to get listings into, or even removing existing listings (some1 mention Gmaps?) . so at the moment its a mouse and cat race...but it seems like the rules are changing .
    did you notice for example, that Yelp started to remove address from "suspicious" business listings? im not talking about getting new listing, which is harder every year. but Yelp removes now the address from this exist listings. and who know what is the next step? obviously there will be some news in the near future which we all going to be affect by.

    Today i tried to Re register a YP listing, which was listed on YP (same NAP) and been removed.
    after calling the costumer service, i been asked to send Legal proof for the business.
    this is the email i got from YP, in order to list my business back:

    Thank you for trusting YP with your business ? we?re glad you?re on board!
    We are here to help. In order to complete your request for your suspect listing please provide the following information within 48 hours:

    ? A legal document with your business name and address

    If you have questions, please reply directly to this email or call 800-479-2977. Our business hours are Monday ? Friday, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm EST.

    Again, thank you for your business.

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    Axciom requires the same documentation but if you can get listed with them it's a really good local data aggregator.

    Considering the cost of getting an address, doing local without an address doesn't make much sense. The benefits far outweigh the costs.
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    Is there a difference drawn between a UPS Store, Mail receiving, Regis office vs just working out of your house?

    The over head of having a shop when you do service work like a plumber does ads up.

    Will state licenses (plumbing, electric, HVAC) or even ho-hum mercantile (right to do business)on a house work any wonders to prove for these doubtful citation givers?
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    Remember that citations with an address are primarily for the maps listing. You can still list your business address if it is your home or a virtual office, and just tell Goofle not to show it. As long as you list the address in the rest of the citations all is good, Goofle just won't rank you in maps.

    If you get a virtual address (with a street address, not a box number) and a virtual phone number for the area you are targeting, Goofle is going to have a very difficult time figuring out that it is a virtual address. In fact, unless one of your competitors turns you in, they may never find out. Just list the address in your Goofle profile and tell Goofle not to show your address, that you serve the customer in their location. No harm no foul, and no maps.

    You will not rank in maps because Goofle doesn't want to send people to a home when they expect a brick and mortar business location, but you still qualify for the local algo.

    Even when you cannot get maps or the local algorithm, you can still rank organically with a well done site and beat out people with the local algo if they do a half assed job.
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    Yeah, I got the same email from YP. :(