Linking blog posts to a linkwheel...How?

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    I have a 8 blogs. Iam using them for posting articles based on webpages that i optimise.

    So on each blog there are more articles from other topics.

    I make linkwheels. In article i put one link to page that i optimizing, and one link to article from the same theme in other blog.

    But I have a question.

    What is better:
    - Every time link to the same sequence?
    Blog A (link to optimizing page, link to BLOG B) -> Blog B (link to optimizing page, link to BLOG C) -> Blog C (link to op. page, link to BLOG D) ...

    - Mixed sequence:
    Blog A (link to op. page, link to BLOG D) -> BLOG D (link to op. page, link to BLOG B) -> Blog B (link to, link to BLOG E)

    I hope you understand my question :)
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    You probably shouldn't be doing it the same everytime. But it isn't just a matter of randomly choosing a different link order. In order to create your links properly you need to have an understanding of how pr flows.

    The point of a linkwheel is to create as much pr as possible at the hub. The linking needs to appear random, but in reality you will be linking in such a way as to create some pr for a few pages, then use those pages to create even higher pr for a few more pages, and then use those pages to create even higher pr for the hub. There has to be some planned structure in order to accomplish that.

    This isn't something you can do by looking at the published pr. Your dealing with pr fractions to start and then it adds together as it funnels up to the top.

    The original linkwheels were set up using your main site as the hub. Its better not to do this now, because if the linkwheel is caught and penalized, then you want it insulated from your main site. What you should do now is create your link wheel and then only link the hub to your main site.

    It's also best not to create it like symetrical spokes on a wheel. The term linkwheel is still a good, but it needs to be a little more random looking structure now. If done right this should create a high pr backlink for your main site.

    I've explained a little more about this in another related thread. You should read this post for some more info:
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