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    We are looking to wholesale our products to sellers in the Asian region.
    We are a printing and publication company in the Philippines.

    Product 1: Life Coaching Journals aka "Dreambooks"Imagine getting a life coach or business coach that you can take with you everywhere.
    The Dreambook is a goal setting guide and planner.It's like getting the wisdom and knowledge of people like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump,
    and other gurus to help you realize your goals, targets, etc.
    Content is made by different well known contributors from the Philippine's Business Sector.
    Open-Dated (you can start using it any time of the year)
    Journal is around 2-3.5 inches thick (depending on the content that you choose) and has a plastic laminate cover.
    You can choose from hard bound or ring bound.

    Product 2: Customizable Life Coaching JournalsChoose from our templates and personalization for your company, team or group.

    These products are currently distributed in select stores of a "National" book store in the Philippines.

    We can wholesale for as little as 50 pieces (15 percent less retail).Retail Price is 70 pesos or 17.50 American Dollars.

    We can whole sale it for 25 percent less at the most (for orders greater than 500 pieces).
    We can process orders as large as 10,000 pieces.PM me and I will send a link to the FB page of the product as well as our office address and contact numbers.

    For your security we have a physical office and we are registered in goverment agencies here in the Philippines.

    We can provide scanned copies (if thru email) and physical documents of Business Registration and Business Address if you so wish.