1. EarphoneBug

    Looking for a Dropshipping Wholesaler for Anti-Intch Gloves

    Hi BHW Community, Hope everyone is doing well. I am starting my Dropshipping business and looking for Wholesalers that produce Anti-Itch Gloves. Please drop a comment below or DM me anytime. Thank you and have a great day!
  2. Ropelyn

    Finding profitable drop shipping niches

    Hey guys! How do u go about finding and researching niches for ur dropshipping or wholesale's, any tools or tips that have helped in this process.
  3. gg11

    Making money off of medical supplies

    Would anyone know where I would be able to sell/market Personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies? Items such as masks, nitrile gloves, surgical scrubs, and woundcare
  4. BradyX

    Wholesale export to Chinese Manufacturing Factories

    Hello I want to wholesale a certain type of product to Chinese Manufacturing Factories But it is difficult to naviagate the chinese market online They have huge companies but most of their websites are hosted on alibaba and communication becomes a challenge What would be the best steps I can...
  5. rockpaperscissors

    Need a partner (Wholesale or Dropshipping)

    Luxury brand buttons and charms for sale. Available for dropshipping or wholesale pricing. Also looking for a partner to send traffic to my site. Will pay 50% of profits. Great earning potential! Please PM me for more details. Serious inquiries only, please.
  6. T

    Need a direct source for a Chinese manufacturer/supplier

    Hi, I am currently building a company in the sporting & recreation niche. I am already in contact with a sourcing specialist to find a manufacturer/supplier and I am also talking with Made-in-China. I need a contact/connections to talk to a direct manufacturer to produce my product, supply...
  7. JayMay

    LOOKING FOR BUYERS/CONTACTS/LEADS - Wholesale Products (Europe Mainly)

    Hello gents hope you're enjoying a wonderful end to your summer and keeping it g. :cool: Have a company that can reliably provide the following at wholesale prices in large amounts, and looking for buyers: Sugar, Wheat, Flour, Sunflower Oil, Salt Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel D2 D6 Virgin Fuel Oil...

    ECommerce Sites, Wholesaling & Drop Shipping

    Hey everyone, first post here. I am new to the E-commerce scene and have some questions about a specific type of business model for drop shipping. I am planning on selling mid to high-ticket products for already existing brands. My plan is to create an incredible-looking website for whichever...
  9. Ahmirof

    Can work on dropshipping from foreign country?

    Hi, I know a bit about Drop-shipping & Affiliate Marketing & Amazon FBA & Wholesale, And as these became trend, I decide to start one of the mentioned Businesses. I want to ask a suggestion from you to help me to choose one of them based on my conditions. -The first thing and the most...
  10. C

    Aged Alibaba account - is it possible to buy? Transaction volume and comments generate

    Hi, I have three questions about Alibaba's website: 1. Is it possible to buy an aged Alibaba's selling account and change old company's details on my own company details? 2. Is it possible to make a fake transaction volume on Alibaba.com? For example a fake account makes an order on my...
  11. IamNRE

    [GET] The Secret Merchants List of Over 2000 Dropshippers & Amazon FBA Suppliers Based in The US

  12. Eternal1912

    [JV] Our Hygienic/Medical Face Masks and Your Traffic & Selling Channels

    Greetings fellow BHW members, Last year, A partner and I launched a new project, which slowly expanded into a small local factory for manufacturing disposable face masks. Our company is based in the EU and our products are completely certified - from materials to the mask itself for bacterial...
  13. Tall_Mike

    Starting A New Product and Brand - Questions Regarding Sourcing

    I have a product in mind that I do not see already on Amazon or anywhere else. Not sure the idea is unique enough that it deserves a patent but I would like to start manufacturing it and creating a brand and Amazon store around it. Does anybody have experience specifically making a new product...
  14. B

    Need Jewelry Supplier

    Hello, I need a jewelry supplier (country does not matter). You MUST have a wide range of product offerings. DM me your catalogue or website.
  15. Tall_Mike

    Questions About New Ebay Store - Wholesaling Items

    I was going to start wholesaling items on my eBay store. Since I want to focus on products that sell rather than one particular niche, my strategy was going to be using tools like Zik Analytics and Terapeak to spy on other stores that have products that have a high sell-through rate and high...
  16. tenJenNen

    Buying wholesale without VAT number

    Hello, After doing a quick research on the forum I saw that this topic has not been addressed before. My question is rather simple so I'll dive right into the point. As you may already know sites like alibabba require the user to provide a valid VAT number in order to place an order. In my...
  17. D

    Eliquid - offering wholesale and dropshipping options!

    Hey everyone! Recently a project of mine finally launched - Jungle Hit Juice! We worked with well-known brand Big Mouth Liquids and created our own! We offer fast DHL Shipping, TPD-ready (no restrictions for flavor concentrates), EAN codes, labeling in different languages, no MOQ Eliquid. All...
  18. E

    Looking for a supplier

    I don't have a specific niche picked out. I'm currently experimenting with an aliexpress store that I've created for party supplies and not having much luck. I'm looking for a supplier of products/wholesaler for my next dropshipping adventure. I'm open to whatever your company offers. I'd...
  19. W

    Shipping from aliexpress to a millitary address (please help)

    I got a order from someone who provided a military address. Anyone know what I would fill out in the aliexpress order details for the address: *Buyer name* PSC 444 Box 1465 APO AP 96297-0015 United States I can only use the standard free Chinese economy shipping otherwise i wont be profitable...
  20. D

    Drop Shipping Hookup

    Hello, I have no idea why the moderator decided to remove my last post (The literal name of this subforum is "Drop shipping & Wholesale Hookups"??) I also miss worded a small part of the post. @MisterF Anyways my name is Matthew, I have been dropshipping for a few years in various niches./...
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