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Keyword research bottleneck

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by pjcheme, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. pjcheme

    pjcheme Newbie

    Nov 18, 2015
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    Hi guys!

    Before asking this question I spent time evaluating the questions that has been already asked before related to Keyword research. (http://www.blackhatworld.com/search/1023487/?page=1&q=keyword+research&o=relevance)

    I understand the basic KW research process for niche sites, money sites or whatever you call them. My problem is that as a business owner, I provide services to a particular audience, the only thing I could rely on is getting leads for my business from content marketing.

    Lets say, I provide construction services. But when I put the keyword for "construction services" I don't get any high search volume KWs that match the search intent for my target audience. Localization is not an option in my case.

    Now, for a monthly search volume of 10-50, I find 5-10 very closely related keywords
    e.g. "How do I build a home similar to Bill Gates", "How do I make a home similar to Bill Gates", etc

    I am now tempted to research and understand what other possible keywords my audience might be using to research/locate/explore business like mine.

    I need your help in understanding:
    1. How much indepth ( Research wise) would you guys go if you have to do SEO for your business?
    2. Exploring keywords through Q&A sites, forums is a possibility. But as far as I looked it didn't gave me a kw that had more than 2k-3k monthly views. What else can I do here to explore more keywords?

    The service niche I'm talking is huge(not ecommerce), but is a bit digitally competitive too. And as a business I provide limited services, for which I need to explore more possible KWs.

    In my mind, my immediate next step is to explore other search intents like "design inspiration for the next construction of your house", "10 things my construction company lied to me about", etc. I will then curate content around these to try to generate inbound queries.

    I understand that when SEO agencies engage with clients, they may not have the complete knowledge of how the business works/ client understanding. But still these SEO agencies do find opportunities to rank for KWs. I'm all good with writing awesome content, but the lack of KW planning is something that I wish to improve upon.

    Any help will be appreciated! :)
  2. validseo

    validseo Senior Member Premium Member

    Jul 17, 2013
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    Professional SEO
    Seattle, Wa
    auto complete, http://answerthepublic.com/ , and other sites like that can help you find the questions being asked in the space. I would also expand your blog posts to facebook sponsored stories because the targeting and similar audiences aspect will eventually let you scale. SEO (while valuable) is what it is and doesn't scale well once you've gotten where you want to be. So at a certain point you have to do both anyway and waiting usually equates to growing slower.