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Journey to Profitable Shopify Store

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by drone6251, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. drone6251

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    Sep 8, 2014
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    Over the past few months, I've given Shopify stores three attempts. My first store focused on the phone niche, specifically HTC SIM unlocking, to little avail. This website struggled to garner customers with ads online, was too targeted, and the website was unprofessional. It had no sales in a week, so I dropped it. It probably was too soon, but this niche was also pretty saturated, and I wasn't passionate enough about it. The second attempt I tried was a cat-accessory niche, since getting traffic from Instagram influencers and Facebook was easier with cat-themed accessories, especially when targeting women interested in cats. I got a lot of traffic, but I struggled to develop a strong sales funnel and I was unable to convert any traffic despite multiple attempts at Facebook ad campaigns that each a read of 1k+ and 300+ impressions. My main issue with this niche was that it didn't solve a problem, and I wanted to find a niche that solved a problem, as I prefer products that have justification rather than impulse-appeal.

    My final and current project is a Shopify store in a niche focusing on health-conditions. I'm not going to mention exactly what it is, but the premise is that it offers products dropshipped from China that solve common a niche of healthcare problems. The audience is over 800k on Facebook alone, so the niche appears pretty wide. I too was interested in these products a while back, so I at least have some insight into what customers are looking for. I've learned a lot over the past few websites about creating a proper landing page, designing professional-looking themes, targeting Facebook ads, maximizing impressions and store visits, so they weren't a waste, but I'm determined to not let this store be another one of those examples.

    So far, over the last 2 days, I reviewed ads for competitors in similar niches, studying which ads garnered the most impressions. I then copied their style to generate my own ads, and I have been slowly closing in on an audience that gives me the highest impression to view ration while being an audience that is not conventionally targeted by my niche. Currently, I am running two ad campaigns, each with a budget of $10 / day and have been cycling out failed ones. I have a Facebook page with 20 followers at the moment and the website, and that's it. I have been getting a decent amount of impressions on Facebook, some shares and likes, and have a cost of $0.11/impression, which is much better than my first store, but it's not generating a lot of traffic.

    I've tried also creating accounts on forums, especially Quora, where people ask about health issues in my niche, where I pitch them a thorough answer and recommend my product. I started yesterday, but I've gained 100 views for my 5 answers so far, so we'll see how this goes.

    I'm also considering finding Instagram influencers in my niche, since they typically only cost $20-$40/shoutout for ~12 hours and a link in the bio, which might gain me exposure to a larger, targeted audience. I'm still researching that, however.

    Right now, I've had 10 viewers in the last 10 hours, 70 impressions on Facebook, 6 shares, and 100 views on my forum account so I'm still young, but growing. Of the visitors, 3 bounced and 7 viewed 12+ pages, none added to the cart or purchased. Also, 1 saved the product to their Pintrest.

    Right now, my website focuses on a small amount of products (just 10 products and 4 categories of treatments), so it's very targeted, and it is decently well formatted imo and used advice from a video-review from my last site that I bought on Fiverr. The website outlines the scientific background for the product in a simple way with pictures, it offers customer testimonials taken from the testimonials section on Aliexpress, it offers well-edited before and after pictures to demonstrate its impact, I focus on 3 of my brand's advantages to secure customer's trust, I have a quality logo, each product's description was carefully edited and reviewed to make it clear, concise, and convincing, and I have reviews on each product, again copied over from Aliexpress.

    My major near-sighted goals are the following:
    • Optimize Facebook ads to gain more traffic per view, since I'm getting good impressions but low traffic.
    • See if more traffic translates into conversions.
    • Earn my first conversion.
    • Explore marketing on more forums and see if it generates traffic
    I encourage anyone to stay along for the journey if interested, and I'll do my best to provide consistent updates. If anyone has any advice for healthcare niche products, recognizes weaknesses in my plans, or is interested in helping review my website/ads to offer tips, I would absolutely love the support!

    Until next time, peace out.
  2. blackbeans

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    Nov 29, 2008
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    Looks good

    You might also want to try blogger outreach

    Cut them a deal on your store - maybe through a discount coupon system

    They advertise your site and offer a discount code or you offer an article with discount code