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Nov 3, 2023
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So I started a personal project this year, around June, but I learned about SEO and decided to use this project to put what I've learned in practice. It's a hard call because most traffic comes from my country (tier 3 - brazil) and niche isn't very lucrative at all (mostly education). I think the better way to earn money in this will be affiliates.
I'm already starting another project in a better niche (beauty/lifestyle)

So let's call the education-niche SITE 1 and Beauty/Niche SITE 2

Website statistics are currently like this:
AdSense is like this:
SemRush like this:

Not monetized in AdSense yet.


Most of my challenges are being in improving traffic without spend money (since I don't know how much return i'll have, I'm afraid to invest money to buy backlinks and such.
So I'm at least reinvesting the money that I'm getting from posting guestposts (3 since now in SITE 1).
I'm writing this mostly as a way to keep me motivated, but if someone wants to know how someone who learn about SEO five months ago is doing, you can watch!
UPDATE: I'm now trying to focus in Keyword Research and Quality Content, since I don't have money to invest in backlinks.

For Keyword Research, I'm trying to create a new pipeline using SemRush, Google Search and another little things. It is not fully automated, but it is enough to save me time. If I decide to invest more money, I may automate it more using tools. About the Quality Content, even though I use AI a lot, I try using different sources, fact-check the article and also rewriting some things by hand.

It seems that this new Keyword Research may be good. Today I wrote an article that came from this pipeline for a apparently high-volume keyword (for my site). I wasn't expecting so much but I rechecked the site today some hours after posting and... 100 users in this post. 20 users online in my site right now!
That's like my whole daily traffic coming only from one post in some hours. Double traffic, double income! ($0.18 cents by now!). I will only discover later if it is because of Google Discovery or real organic search engine traffic.


Anyways, I'm really facing the fact that it will be hard for me to take a real income from the site because of its niche. But what can I say? I already love this website. I see now that $3/month is closer than I thought, I guess. I hope so, at least.
Can you send the screenshot for the first website in English?

Does it say you have 3.8 thousand new users? And have made $1.5 in Adsense? Or am I grossly missing something here.
Can you send the screenshot for the first website in English?

Does it say you have 3.8 thousand new users? And have made $1.5 in Adsense? Or am I grossly missing something here.
Correct, since the beggining of the website. Screenshot is from Google Analytics, so the data includes the period before I joined AdSense.
Started using AdSense in 18 September.

The data below is from AdSense only:

Statistics for this whole period (18 September to today (06 November)

All the best on your journey, following this one for sure.
Thanks a lot, hope you can have fun reading it! I'll try to keep it updated.

Good luck with your journey buddy! Looks like you’re on a good track already.
Thanks mate! Hope so!

Nice, boa lek
Thanks lek!
The day has finished and these are the statistics for the little crazy post:
My traffic was 403 users, a 300% increase of my expected daily user count (100).
With this, I earned $0.41 cents! So in this first week of the month I earned what I was expecting for the whole month. I earned 0.66 in total, I was expecting around it for the month.

I also have reserved some keywords to post tomorrow and re-test the new method.
I truly hope this traffic increase doesn't comes from Discovery, so this can repeat tomorrow!
And I truly hope that keyword wasn't just a lucky shot, but a reflection of the method!

But that's it for today, I'll sleep and wait what destiny has in store for me.

I'll write now because I may forget if I postpone it.

So... My most "grounded" expectations were to hit the mark of $1 per month and the best case expectation is this post title: $1 a day.
It feels really strange that I've hit almost 6x my best case in one day. The day has not ended yet, we still have 3:30 hours. I really think it may go to $7.
If only this traffic was from Tier 1... Damn! Just kidding, I won't complain.


I think I've hit a really good keyword and I will enjoy what it brings for today. But for today only.
I think it's one of this trivia-question keywords that suddenly have a burst in traffic volume.
But the truth is: my website does not have the power to keep this position and probably a more powerful website will discover this keyword and take my place.

So I'll keep trying to find other keywords and diversify the traffic between a lot of articles.
That's what I did for today, trying to use the same method I used to write this good article.
None of it has exploded like the article, to be fair none of it have even reached 1 user.
But maybe Google Servers are just a little busy, I will only know if that's the case tomorrow.

But I won't lie, it's been a fun ride!

Update while I watched: got a fucking Google notification. They probably think the new sudden traffic is fake.

Looks like they won't even let me enjoy my little ride.
I really, really hope that they don't block me thinking this traffic is fake.
What the fuck!? Can't we just hit a nice keyword?

Now I'm pissed. I'm not dumb. If I was faking traffic, I would distribute it around multiple articles. My articles wouldn't look like this:
Man, they will fuck my journey. Now I know why people hate it.
Being punished by Google Adsense for having traffic because Google itself sent me traffic. Unbelievable.
I'm so angry right now. I will only chill if they unlimit it.
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Good news! A lot of the sudden traffic for my site was caused by Google Discovery itself! I'm more calm now because this data supports my side that this traffic is indeed organic. Besides that, it's kind of sad that ads are limited, because I could get more money from this temporally luck!


But who am I to complain? Its 6pm and I already made $6 dollars today! It's frozen in $6 for like two hours because I think Google limited it? Yeah! But it's still $6 in a day. Cheers, guys!


Still, it's kind of crazy that Google doesn't cross the data between Discovery, AdSense and Search Console so it can know more about traffic sources, right?
Small update: Google Discovery still sending traffic. Ads still limited. Google sent my PIN yesterday. Not waiting for Discovery traffic drop, I'm writing new articles everyday and searching for new keywords. Thinking about buying an expired domain with backlinks and DA so I can start a new project, since buying backlinks are now my biggest difficulty in SEO. I have some targets with DA 20+ for normal price, so it would cost me like $10/yearly. That's like the price of a backlink.
The other project (site 2) is very hard to boost. Keywords are very competitive and my website have almost no backlinks. I think I'll try to dig some wikipedia backlinks, but if it's not that, I would have to buy backlinks, something I don't want to do now. I will try to use SemRush backlink tool to exchange some, it may work. That's it for today, I guess.

Today I took the courage and bought the domain. I think it's a good decision, since it's a DA 25, PA 25 and SS 4 domain for $8 dollars.
The backlink profile is mostly woman's site, so I'll keep that niche and build a site made for woman (which is already my site 2 profile, but site 2 is niche (specific type of woman) and this one will be brooooad).
I'm already starting today, now let's see if it's different building an SEO site from an expired domain.

The day is almost over and Google Discovery traffic is definitely going down! It will take me some updates in Search Console to know if this current traffic is normal or if Discovery still have influence over it.

I'm writing some articles for the new site (site 3) and site 1. I'll write for site 2 too, but it's not my first option because I think it has less chances to rank.
I got some Amazon Affiliate clicks but no conversions. That's it for the day.
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