Is web development knowledge essential for success in IM?


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Aug 24, 2016
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It seems that everything revolves around websites and if you don't know how to make them, you have to pay someone else to make them for you.
At the very least, it seems to be the most useful skill you can learn.

Useful, but not essential.
For me traffic generation, conversion and monetisation are more valuable.
You can outsource people to do it. Or just go with Wordpress, it's so simple.
There are many tools available now that auto generates page contents once you register a domain. Web development experience is not mandatory.
You need to learn few things about wordpress and hosting setup and you are good in IM.
not at all. Basic stuff that you need comes with the time, but even that is not essential
You dont need it. coding everything from zero would just slow u down
Not at all, Maybe basic thing but you don't have to know how to code.
I can't code shit. My cats are better coders like I am. I can't use photoshop for the love of me, I can't design a T shirt if my life depended on it. And I am doing relatively well despite that. There's really only a handful of skills that you need in order to succeed. And I wouldn't even call them "skills" rather than "characteristics"? It sounds like a motivational bullshit, but you really have to want that success. You have to be able to work day and night, 12 huors a day, for years, without any guarantee of success. Perseverance, patience and a a bit of luck. And of course, head that's qualified to turn on a computer. That's a thing majority of people on this forum lack (no offense, just stating a fact).
Depends what you do. You cannot do everything on the internet, if you sit and start learning coding, you would waste alot of time, and brain also. If you learn coding, then be a coder and provide coding services, if you want to be an enterprenuer, then you don't need to know coding, you can and should outsource it.
wow just hire someone on upwork to make your WP site for $100 its not that hard...why would you waste hundreds of hours learning how to code
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