1. wantviews

    Website care plans?

    Hey so i'm starting looking for clients for the websites, and I'm definetely going to include care plans + hosting (on shared plan for now until i get serious). But the issues are as follows: I'm a Russian citizen, hence i cannot apply for all the usual Stripe, Paypal, 2Checkout routes. I...
  2. shikhamishra

    My website experienced slow loading times. What could be the possible reasons for this, and how can they be fixed?

    My website experienced slow loading times. What could be the possible reasons for this, and how can they be fixed?
  3. Websettled

    [WTH] Web Developer for Stock ticker website

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can create a stock ticker website with a subscription model, Pm me for more info Thanks.
  4. wantviews

    SOS! Elementor + Astra Theme craziness..

    I'm almost done with a few websites that I've built for clients. Thank God they're not the pain in the ass but still the problem is crazy. So my website CSS is crashing all the time: iccertif.com The problem is, it crashes randomly on different browsers. The weirdest thing is that it uncrashes...
  5. popcorndrew

    From startups to top fortune 500. Get a proffesional website just like the big dogs in your industry!

    Setting up a website is fairly simple. We do way more. We create strategic experiences with the aim of engaging your audience while building your brand’s credibility. We created professional websites for some of the largest brands in the world! By communicating important messages in the right...
  6. G

    What is the most beautiful website you saw for a webdesign agency?

    So as the title suggest I'm currently looking for the best website for a webdesign agency. I want to hire an webdesign agency to develop my site but I think I have to look at their site first to see if they do a good job for themself chances are I will get a good site too. Thank you and looking...
  7. techvio

    Learn and understand about web development

    Hi, Every one I have been working on web development since 2014. I know and have heard that BHW is one of the leading forums and marketplaces. So how can I share my services and knowledge in the forum, if experienced members let me know about it, I will benefit. Thanks in advance Imagino solution
  8. Hairein

    Free web services

    Hello guys! As mentioned in the title, I'm providing free web services that includes: Small fixes such as responsiveness and design adjustments SEO on page / off page Website speed optimization CMS included (WordPress, XenForo, IPB, MyBb and Shopify) Dropshipping consulting using Shopify...
  9. shiva990

    Need Rockstar Web Dev

    I might get a client who needs web dev so guys who are great at designing and building websites, PM with your portfolio and prices. If you know anyone please refer too Thanks
  10. Twanofzo

    Looking for INDIAN webdevs!

    Hey hey! I'm looking for some experienced (Indian) webdevs that could copy the design and functionality of a certain website. Ofcourse it shouldn't be an exact copy but you could only change some small parts like colors, logo, some functions, a few layout things, etc. Talking about this...
  11. O

    Journey To Self Freedom (Web Development)

    Hey guys been on this forum for years but never really did anything just browsed and watched people succeed but now its my time to be that guy! Little bit of background :- been creating websites since i was about 13 i used to run a PC repair business but as a kid only made enough money for the...
  12. Littleant

    Looking for web devloper

    Hello, I am looking for experience and fast one for web developing Thanks
  13. Faisal ShaQ

    I need someone to build Chrome Extensions

    I need someone to build Chrome Extensions let me know if you can.
  14. Vagr

    Is web development knowledge essential for success in IM?

    It seems that everything revolves around websites and if you don't know how to make them, you have to pay someone else to make them for you. At the very least, it seems to be the most useful skill you can learn. Thoughts?
  15. J

    Need python developer

    HI , I need a Python developer who has minimum of 8 years of experience.He must be experienced in core python and he must knew all web technologies like Java script,AJAX frameworks like Django,Flask.Must have SQL knowledge.
  16. ivarga

    [HELP] Got a few basic questions for a reseller please post here

    Hello Resellers! So I was starting to think about reselling and I got a few questions about it I'd rather take it over PM's or Skype / Discord then here if that would be okay. Please post a comment if you are experienced with reselling! Thank you!
  17. shalini1981

    Hi BHW friends

    Hi I want to work and earn via BHW but nt much familier by this working process and getting job process .I have 8 years webdevelopment / online services experience . Thanks to all
  18. CeaseFireBlack

    i want to talk to a webdeveloper

    i got some ideas, i want to check if they can be done, and how much would it cost.
  19. A

    My Team work website (HTMl and CSS)

    This is my work port filo for the client....
  20. F

    My brilliant idea for finding potential web design clients. What do you think?

    I have this idea to find potential web design clients: I want to find business owners who own low quality websites created by web building tools. I believe, those are businesses which can effort to get a nice website, but they do not have anybody to create it for them, so they quickly used some...