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Is this overoptimization?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by kaliv, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. kaliv

    kaliv Newbie

    Aug 11, 2013
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    Scenario :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Keyword: sunshine

    A website (e.g. a blog) has the keyword sunshine in the

    1) page title
    2) url
    3) alt attributes of images
    4) meta description
    5) meta keywords

    I post every day three 300 word articles. Each article has "one" keyword (i.e. sunshine) in the

    1) h1 tag
    2) an anchor link which points towards the own website
    3) body of the text
    4) image (which is named with the keyword and is also present in the ALT attribute)

    ---> This way the blog grows content every day by 900 words with the keyword inside. But other number words (word densities) are much higher than this one (e.g. sun, bath, beach, flower, relax, sand, etc.) and so I feel my keyword loses its relevance for the being considered in a ranking.

    Question :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    A) Is this over-optimized and will Google penalise me?

    B) I have a difficulty in understanding the concept of using the keywords appropriately:

    1) For example, I do not know if my page grows content fast but has
    always the same keyword and if this would have a negative effect on the ranking.
    2) I also don't know if it is too little to mention the keyword one time only in the body
    of an article, as there are so many other words and if this would mean that the keyword would be just ignored while other words are recognised, i.e. words I don't aim for.
    3) I read it is good to have a keyword density of 3%. How does this work - is that related to the whole site, the body of an article or the whole article and so on.
    4) If I have three keywords to focus on - should each article focus on one different keyword or should it all mention all three keywords with each post and a density of 3%?

    Do you have a tip how I can get a better picture of this?
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  2. Unemployed

    Unemployed Junior Member

    Oct 6, 2010
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    yes it will be over-optimised if you repeat the same keyword across all your sites pages. You should have one page aiming at your specific keyword, the other pages should be targetting different keywords, if this is what you wish to do.

    If I'm right and in this case you are trying to build your sites relevancy to one specific keyword by building new pages, then calm down with the optimisation, avoid the keyword in the title and meta, but use synonyms instead. The content should naturally allude to your main homepages topic, and this will be seen by google.

    It's not going to work to have x number of pages all optimised for sunshine as you call it. This is over-optimised.

    btw, you know where I can buy any of that sunshine stuff?
  3. hpasha

    hpasha Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    May 15, 2011
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    Kepler 186F
    Well the keyword density normally refers to a specific article/page where the content is posted. The most simple and effective tip is that you should concentrate on the content quality and leave the keyword statistics (density) a part.

    For General Information:

    Keyword Density should be 1-3% for the whole page (single page where the article is being posted)
    You should use Keyword synonyms to avoid over optimization and over repetition. example "Car" can be used as "auto" or "wheels".

    Rest you are all in green zone!
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