Is Managing Others Binary Options Account Illegal?

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    May 14, 2016
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    Hey people, I need little hep about my deal with an account manager.

    I came to know that a person on internet who is managing his clients binary options account but without any LPOA which I want to hire him for myself. I'd have to pay him % of amount from the net profit he makes. The payment will be made via bitcoin.

    Assume I hired him to conduct trades on my behalf to make profit/loss (on my binary options account), and what are the legal consequences about this deal.
    Does the binary broker have rights to close/suspend my account if they come to know that my account was used/handled by other person?
    Do I have to face legal consequences?
    Do manager have to face legal consequences?
    Or what kind of problem will I and that manager could possibly face.

    However we both agree to make this deal with mutual consent.

    PS: The manager will be hired via online.

    Any tiny bit of information is helpful to me.

    Appreciate all your advice's.