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    Just wanted to say hello...Not sure if I'm even doing that right, lol. I received an email welcoming me to the board (TY) and I'm old, so when I read the "come in and introduce yourself before making your first post," Email, I couldn't figure out where to make my introduction--or post. (But I sure do LOVE that this site comes with writing tools!) Please excuse me if I'm in the wrong location.

    This site looks great and I'm looking forward to becoming a long-term member. For the newbies like me, it would be wise to respect the rules and prevent getting blacklisted from the board; I discovered while applying for professional writing positions that message boards can be a rewarding experience--and they can be applied to your resume. I take every word I post seriously, anywhere, because my name and reputation depend on it. (Not currently "branded." LOL).

    Although I am currently seeking new opportunities for publishing and professional positions, I am here primarily to explore networking and gain valuable insight to the message board phenomenon. I have only one other experience writing on boards, for a fan-base of 2000 readers on OLTL, where a lot of bored housewives were awaiting their soap-opera romances to give them another reason to live. LOL. It was many years ago. And I was ghost-writing for one of the administrators on the board. Until she stole my story. It was also my first experience with friends who plagiarize.

    I graduated Penn State six years ago, I have a B.A. and A.A. in English, Humanities, and have published a thesis, several small works and have won various awards for writing in competitions. I am currently a teacher for my local school district and I have three children of surprising ages--which I state because I feel this exacerbates your sympathies for me. LOL. My experience in all areas of life is exceptional and hard; I've lived 70 lifetimes in my 41 years and I am rarely shocked or surprised--I am the one you come to when you require understanding.

    To get away from life's constant horrors and abuses (but which I now write about in all respects), I exist in the rural suburbs of PA, hoping to one day procure a position that allows me to retire my broken bones to my passion of writing (and illustrating?) content for magazines. I guess you could say I'm looking to become independent as a woman and a writer. I want to support myself on my talent--not stepping on anyone else or off of someone's back. I certainly do not wish to depend on anyone else. It took my entire life for me to know my worth; I need now apply it.

    My dream is to gain employment working in web-based content design and perhaps own a website for income. I have a million great ideas, but this world is confusing to a writer who still believes the paper and pen were our greatest inventions--EVER--and were only invented yesterday. I am exceptionally creative, technologically capable, and like everyone else, looking to make my mark on human history. I am a perfectionist, with a penchant for correction, editing, proofreading and teaching writing. I found this site because I never stop researching opportunities to improve my knowledge.

    I have recently re-ignited my enthusiasm for a non-profit writing program I designed at Penn State and I am hoping to someday promote a legacy of teaching writing as a necessary talent to the world. I am simply one of those people who have too many passions, too many experiences, and too many talents to hone in on the one that will secure my financial future. For now, I am here to learn the art of the message board, hopefully adding one more "skill" to my resume.

    Before I overstep my welcome mat, I would like to say thank you for having me. I hope to prove a worthy asset to your site. I would appreciate your patience as I learn the lingo in here; I am old-school and don't yet have a firm grasp on the meaning of abbreviations, web-speak, etc. I promise to learn quickly. I know the basics (like SEO, HTML, etc.), but I'm not a programmer or web builder. I would also appreciate if you could tell me whether posting my pic on my profile is prohibited until I rise, or whether I am simply doing something wrong; I'm still getting used to my new PC flashing this new grammar thingy at me. LOL. I just feel very lonely while everyone here has colorful pictures and stats. :)

    I look forward to meeting all of you!