1. dxpenasty

    Hello World!

    I work at a college as a janitor even though I feel like I'm smarter than most of the people that go there. Sometimes I see an equation written on a blackboard, like half an equation, and I'll just figure it out.
  2. MaxG96

    Hi there I am Max - Introduction

    Hi, I hope you have a great day and a happy new year. I am new here and I am from an Asian country, working as a freelance video editor/ animator. I am here to meet new friends, exchange ideas and learn more about digital world : )
  3. Occulte


    Hello, I am brand new in any case this is the first time I register even if I have already consulted the forum many times. I am passionate about computers and I love coding. I hope to learn and help.
  4. C

    Hi BHW!

    I'm new in BHW! Happy new year to the community!
  5. ubersicka

    Hello BHW!

    Hello everyone, i am ubersicka, lifeguard and python basic certify. I hope i can learn something helpfull here and maybe i can help too.
  6. theo_kr

    AHLAN from Qatar!

    Hello BHW! Yes, I do live in the arab world, and it seems like here exists a big potential to growth and make wealth, though I'm broke *kinda :) I've seen this forum and been discovering and searching in it for maybe a month. I know a ton about programming, and have made my first $250 by...
  7. nickhustle

    What's Up BTW!

    Yo! Excited to learn and contribute to the community. I have a few ecom business/offers primarily driven by social ads. Not an expert by any stretch, but pretty knowledgeable running FB/Google ads. I'm looking forward to learning methods to drive traffic to my businesses. Thanks to all the...
  8. K

    Hi everyone

    Just joined even though a lurker since 2010 but gap of last few years. Yeah i know :p How are you folks doing over here? let's chat what good!
  9. T

    Hello from Typicalmandarin

    Hello people Im new but im starving to learn new things and give advices
  10. BaranKanat

    Hello my friends

    (sorry for my limited english my native language is not english) I have been reading the topics as a guest for a long time, now I realize that it is time to become a member. Let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Baran I am 20 years old and I live in Turkey. I am interested in software...
  11. AstralDev

    Hello! I've read them before

    Hello, my name is Daniel, I have been reading this forum for a long time, I had never registered. I have taken a lot of info from here and I hope to continue doing so and I would also like to share the little things that I know and understand in the internet world. I have registered because...
  12. H

    Hello I'm new here.

    Hello everyone.I'm new on BHW. I worked different forums and today i'm joined BHW so I am very happy. i heared if someone want to sell something on BHW,need a VIP membership. Is that true or?
  13. msunique

    Newbie in the community

    Hey y’all Happy to be a part of this huge community. I’m a SMM strategist looking forward to learning more from this community and making great connections.
  14. O

    New here

    Im a newbie, fresh, ready to learn and share my experiences & knowledges. Hi again “Expectations creates limitations” - CT
  15. Bilal Raheem

    just saying hi to all of you

    :) greetings ....... have a nice day dear:)
  16. Entei

    Hello everyone, this is pokemon master: D

    Hello everyone, this is pokemon master: D
  17. sklavier

    Hello, new here

    I own several websites, and I'm interested in most topics here. My goal at the moment is to do a bit of link building for my smaller sites, and to generally grow all my sites :) so I guess I'm mostly interested in link building services right now.
  18. L

    Hey everybody

    Hello, Im leZed, so happy to join the Community
  19. locokoks

    Hello BHW

    Hello everyone, I've been searching and reading this forum for over a year and have never introduced myself. I have to say that there are really good things and outsourcing things that I could not find anywhere on the internet. I'm already in the online freelancing business for about 4...
  20. pennypenguin

    Hello to all you crazy hustlers

    Hello you. First of all I want to say sorry. Sorry for lurking all these years and not giving a damn thing back. That might not change... but I'm going to give it a shot :) Maybe I'll share a journey or random nuggets here and there... I don't want to say much about myself BUT I'm a web dev...