1. FOXLair

    [Journey] The path from beginner to programmer

    Hello everyone, I recently started learning programming, namely 2 weeks ago. My choice fell on the Python programming language. Yes, yes, experienced programmers will say learn C++. My programming knowledge is too low to learn C++. I have chosen the main areas for myself: automation development...
  2. Man8chester

    Howdy brothers - Wanna learn Autoblogging and SEO automation

    Hello broz and sisters i am here to learn while contributing what i know in autobloggin and seo automation. I am looking to learn and do a full automation system like my friends do. One of my friends has been earning a decent amount of full automation with the rank and bank system since the...
  3. segersan

    Hello BHW, I'm a Newbie

    Hello, I'm new here. I'm interested in joining BHW because I often read discussions here, and they have greatly expanded my knowledge, especially when it comes to SEO. I hope you all succeed in what you're working on. Nice to meet you all.
  4. henry12


    Hello , I am here as I work as freelance web dev and I need SEO services for businesses I work with, right now I need google reviews Regards
  5. EcomAlien

    Newbie Introduction

    Hello everyone, I am new at BHW
  6. M


    Hello! I do credit data and massive email/phone/mailing lists. Nice to be here. Long time viewer first time poster.
  7. LamboRambo

    Hello everyone! What's your dream car?

    Hello all, long time lurker and finally decided to register so it's easier to interact and build some connections. To start up some convo, what's your dream car? :) Thank you for reading and wishing you all a great day!
  8. monika kali

    hello world

    Hello there I'm Monika i graduated marketing and i want to know more about this community :)
  9. luannzin

    "Hello BHWorld!"

    I am a fullstack developer and a SEO interested person. I am not a English fluent, but i will try to do my best, in new posts or replies. Thanks everyone.
  10. O

    Hey Y’all! Give a shout out for wherever you are from and let’s be friends. I’m brand new and from SEATTLE, just another degenerate

    anyone else from Washington on the PNW area? Shout out where you’re from and say hi, lets be friends.
  11. Cyber_Sylaxx_777


    Hey I just found this place. Looks t/nasty. Imma read the rules and deep dive a bit. See you around. Sylaxx
  12. itsmamun

    Hello BHW

    Hello BHW universe! I'm Mamun, a fresh face in this realm. Shall we delve into something intriguing for discussion?
  13. ghasxt

    Hello BHW!

    Hello there! I'm a relatively experienced project manager and affiliate marketer, been in the space for about 8 years. Worked everything from Insurance to Adult, anything I can get my hands on and make work, really. Hope to find some good information here, have always browsed the forums but I...
  14. F

    Hello, i'm new but not too much

    Hi! i'm here since 2016 but probably a lot of years before as my previous account got lost. Not very active member but i like to read and listen before speak (am i wrong?) i understand access rules but it's not very clear to me why i was able to start a new thread but unable to reply to it...
  15. notbeingseen


    Hello Guys, Nice to meet you all, I am here to learn more about seo stuff, I am developing a seo tool via AI that use contexual information (like website title, description) category informations (like description, title, keywords to grow) for the generation of posts, and, the posts to be...
  16. P

    Hello from Spain!

    Shout out to the entire community!
  17. zxfk3r


    Hi guys. I've been fooling around here for 2-3 months, exploring and silent reading... It's so good to know that this kind of world exists. BTW My SEO Job brought me here... Sorry for the title. I just got your clicks! !! SO I DECIDED TO JOIN !! I feel like, I will learn more while...
  18. L

    Hi i am PPIMAN how are you?

    Hello to the world of black hats! I'm new here, but I have big plans for development. I do PPI traffic I have my own desktop software. My team has developed a unique CRM that makes working with us much easier. We register on the exchanges install, with us work a lot of webmasters despite the...
  19. A

    Hello, New python & crypto dev here.

    Hello, Bumped into this place looking for some NLP python tricks for my blog, stuck around for the value. Always happy to learn, even happier to earn. Beep me for python or crypto related tinkerings...
  20. D

    Hello BHW

    Hi to anyone open this thread, i m daerek, if search my can find out, i haven’t nothing to hide for now; i m a young guy who trying to become a good piece of this world. I born with a pc becouse my father love him, and i too like for good music. I’m happy if someone help me to find out some good...
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