Instagram Marketing Efforts - The Wrong Way =(


Jan 4, 2016
Hi there Instagram Marketing Experts. I'm a newbie and, of course, no expert in Instagram marketing. I came here because a friend of mine recommended this place a lot, so hi everyone!

I'm trying to promote/growth a fitness account (female) mostly for women and I've done everything I can think of to encourage engagement, generate lots of likes and increase the followers; however, my efforts have been very unsuccessful.

The account is around 1.5 years old with almost 15k followers. I have never bought likes and/or followers, and I have mostly used Instagress for nearly a year with no problems of banning or suspensions or anything like that.

I post regularly, at least once a day and the pics are always stunning (high definition). Every post I upload has a hand-curated list of fitness tags trying to attract a female audience. The caption/description is helpful, long, with CTA, emojis, etc.

With Instagress, I like around 800 pics/day, I follow around 250/day and unfollow after 3 days. The account receives 250-400 likes per picture with 20-25 comments, so the engagement is pretty low. Same thing happens with the followers count.

I've never tried the shoutout thing or anything similar. I'm desperate now because I don't see substantial growth or engagement after a year. What am I doing wrong?

I just bought FollowLiker and I will try JustChillin settings to see if the situation improves. Please, please, I want to know what I'm doing wrong here. Some brands have approached me with different proposals but that's something that happens about once every 2 months. I really want to receive more likes, get more engagement and increase my followers count and honestly, I don't know what else to do to accomplish that.

Any help, recommendations, suggestions are highly appreciated!
I'm lost!
Seems like you aren't standing out in your niche.

Pick a niche in which you can offer to do things. Example: I'm in the men's fashion niche. I stand out because I post pictures of myself. Brands contact me and send me free stuff/pay me to wear their brands in my pictures.

So unless you can find a way to offer brands something in the woman fitness niche, switch to something else.
I post pictures of mostly of myself since I'm a certified personal trainer, and brands have approached me to promote certain products, like supplements, fitness accesories, clothing, etc.

However, I don't receive enough likes, comments and my followers don't seem to grow. What am I doing wrong?
Have you tried following different users' followers? I'd test following the followers of someone in the youtube fitness niche. They tend to be very active and they'll stick around if you post HQ content.
Yes, it's only me (woman), I post mostly pictures of myself doing exercise or training, sometimes I post like gym outfits, healthy food stuff, like for example some nutrition bars, etc.
I don't know what else what to do.
Thanks =) I've never tried youtube followers, that might be a good idea.

Should I waste time in buying shoutouts or something like that?
Thanks =) I've never tried youtube followers, that might be a good idea.

Should I waste time in buying shoutouts or something like that?
I'd definitely see how well the youtuber followers work. From experience, they're the best types of pages to follow. You should solve your problem by trying to follow different pages and seeing which gives you the best followback ratio.

I've never looked into buying shoutouts (I've sold many though lol).
I will do so, I'm doing the research as we speak. Do I need to buy some likes to show that I'm "popular" or 250-400 likes per pic will do the trick?
Sex sells. Some of the fastest growing accounts on Instagram have some pretty raunchy pictures.
Don't buy links or followers whatever you do.

Try followliker, and focus on copying a specific account in your niche's followers.

How good is your content?

Try to comment more and have more personal comments.

My GF has a fitness account too and it did took about 2 years to build naturally.

It will start growing faster around 40k
Sounds like maybe you've hit a plateau.. Try completely revamping your keywords (hashtags), all the users you scrape, and all the comments you post. Basically restart Instagress from scratch with your account, no repeats on hashtags will open you up to a whole new group of people. For example #CrossFit is going to yield different results than #FitFam but it's still in your niche. Just switch it up.
Instagress doesn't have a lot of options, i think one thing is that you are following a lot of fake accounts so you don't gain more active followers.
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