1. T

    How do you make these common Affiliate Landingpage in the Adult Industrie

    Hey, I'm just getting into Affiliate Programs in the Dating/Porn niche. Most common Advertisers are having a landing page before the offer where they just ask these questions like "Are you Male/femal" or "You might see your neighbor naked is this okay for you YES/No". When there are so many...
  2. D

    What would you do if you had 30K usd to invest ?

    i need some ideas what would you try to invest, like a bussiness , online bussiness or what else?
  3. R

    YouTube marketing via email.

    I don’t wanna be all technically just logical! Say for instance you have a list of 10,000 emails. Your sending a YouTube video per day to the list. On average you convert 2% via email marketing equally 200 daily views! Somewhere in YouTube they track where you get views from. I wanna buy views...
  4. blackdeviil

    How to increase conversion rate in Facebook ads

    Guys, I'm running a Facebook page since 2020 December. Last month I started to run a campaign for local customers, but unfortunately, I'm not getting many sales. I'm selling smartwatches, wireless earbuds, and other tech gadgets, which will get many sales. My selling price is reasonable for...
  5. SeoCr

    Campaign Influencer Marketing

    Hello everybody, I have an E-commerce a lot of time and I need to increase my sales. I want to try to make a Marketing Influencer campaign and since there are many wise people here, I look for any advice or trick they can give me. I really need to know what tool or company you recommend to...
  6. chrayka

    Anyone tried this Social proof app Notic ?

    Hello guys , i found this social proof app here is their website : and im wonderring if anyone here is working with them , i've been using other apps on my websites but you know they are a little bit pricy but this one has good prices , please if anyone can help me ASAP .
  7. D

    Looking for someone to partneer with me on Stock and Options signal service

    Long story short I have a consistent trading strategy that has worked for over 3 years and I want to start selling signals. I have no interest in marketing but I would be happy to provide my signals I want somebody that can run the operations, marketing and customer acquisition while I provide...
  8. codingMinds

    [JV] Our Website / Mobile App Development Service and Your Client base

    Hello, I am based in India and have a team of developers, QA's and designers. We provide Web and Mobile App Development Services for the last 3+ years. We worked on many projects till date. We work on Android, iOS, Web projects. We have done projects for clients based on Canada, Australia, New...
  9. W

    In search of knowledge

    I work full time as an affiliate for Adultforce and Crakrevenue for about a year now. I have learned a lot by myself but I think it is time for the people here to light my way and help me not to fall. This world is very fragile. Soon I will share doubts and also all the knowledge I have when...
  10. md somrat

    What is linkedin ? how to create an a/c on linkedin

    What is linkedin ? LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally. ... Basic membership for LinkedIn is free. Create a...
  11. K

    Is it true i need many sites to make it in blogging and adsense

    Am new to blogging. I have build my first blog, is an entertainment news site, i have up to 200 post on it. And adsense has approved it, but am not getting traffic, so am not getting any earning. I discuss with someone and he said i need to have many websites. To be able to make it online. So i...
  12. S

    An Intro by Sirhadey

    Hi BHW, Sirhadey by name, a new member that isn't actually new, lover of the great diverse ideas that breaks ground everyday on BHW. Would love to watch, learn and make contributions where I can. Thanks for the love. Sirhadey.
  13. V

    ** I would like to create team for we make a lot of money **

    hello, I'm professional web developer with 2 years of experience, I've skill in SEO, Marketing, Social Media, UX design... I've a project to make ambitious movie streaming website with the best user experience and design. I know how to safely make this. If you're interested and you've skill...
  14. G

    Is there a way to currently make money online

    I'm a fullstack programmer and developer. I know there are alot of ads marketing, but starting from root without trick gonna strew your life. So I am curious to know if there is a way to currently earn money online inside or outside programming/development?
  15. K

    how to use phone number?

    I got thousands number of phone no. and how can I use these resource, SMS or Whatsapp marketing? can you guys give me some suggestions? yes, I know can use these to create fb ad, I just want to know other ways. thanks a lot.
  16. S

    Facebook Die Pages

    Hello, These are what I need help with 1. I have Facebook Page with 10k followers but when ever I post article on my Wordpress that reflect on my Facebook page, it get less intereaction, less views, reaches very little followers. 2. I have another page doing very good with Interaction but...
  17. D

    TELEGRAM Scraper wanted

    Hello, I am looking for a Telegram Scraper to export all contacts from the chat groups I am in. I tried telegram auto (NO LUCK) as well as other API's and scripts using python, nothing worked. I have a kid manually extracting it now but its taking too long, If you have the ability to help, I...
  18. ilyasskassimi

    hello, wish you all a great day full of accomplishments

    first, my name is ilyass kassimi how are u all ??! frome always i've been dreaming of becoming a web entrepreneur i really d'ont know from where to star the process what should i do what i should'nt do i've joined blackhat because im sure thate i can get a lot of help here so please enlighte me...
  19. G

    LinkedIn Ads

    Hello All, I need help with LinkedIn ads creation and suggestion to run the campaign. My niche was account-based marketing. Interested peoples please pm. Regards
  20. 7011Chance

    New Member- Shaky Post

    Here to learn, a newbie in pretty much all internet related business skills. Hope to grow.