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    Hello guys,
    Now i hope i get a little bit of attention i wanted to ask some stuffs which i couldnt find over the BHW.
    So i m very advanced in Instagram on all tasks and i decide to start with affiliate links.(so if you help me and have questions about ig you can ask even thru dm if dont want to share)
    So in my research i figured out IG blocked some affiliate urls cause domains are blacklisted.Solution make your page redirect with cloak links....ok but my idea goes like this :
    lets say i have 20 IG account hehe(Just 20 ;) and my goal is to cloak all links to point them on one single domain(if i cant point to one domain can i point on subdomain)? which redirects to affiliate page.
    Now some people say ig Follow links your IG accounts will get banned and ig also can follow cloak links on page bla bla.....Please some expert advice from someone who did this kind of stuff ?
    From how much account i can point(with cloacked links) to same domain to dont get banned ?is there any solutions if this one is not possible?Anything that works for you ?
    keep in mind i m using accounts long runners dont want to get banned but willing to risk if there is no big affiliate site aprove ig traffic dont worry about that