Jul 29, 2018
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Hello my fellow BHW community. I have recently opened an IG account in the fitness niche. I have been posting regularly with best performing posts. So it is steadily growing.

I want to start a DM networking group so we can boost each others accounts. I have been DMing accounts informing them about the networking group... I've messaged nearly every account related to my niche between the 10 - 100k mark and only 2 have replied back, one with little over 10k and the other 20k.

Now I'm thinking to approach 100k+ accounts but this time I will offer some kind of value beforehand and then ask to either get in their DM groups (if they have one) or create one with me.

My question is: Is there any other way of finding/joining IG dm groups?

I'm also working on getting into Telegram pods but I'm mostly interested in the DM networking groups. Saying that I am aware that Instagram might notice the likes we'll give each other and thus take some kind of action. But knowing everything I've learned I'm confident I'll safe.

If anybody is in the fitness niche and has an instagram account and would like to network, please DM me on my IG @loyalkingfitness or direct message me here - BHW.

However, if you're not in the fitness niche, we still could start a general niche and benefit from the engagement thus pushing our posts to more people.

If anyone has any questions,tips or inputs please feel free to take action :D.

It'll help all of us :)

FunFact: IG has an engagement rate of around 3.5% which is 2.5% - 3% higher than other social media accounts. LETS BE SOCIAL :).