1. B

    Instagram DM Bot + Account Generator

    I am looking for a developer to make me a mass Instagram DM bot that can do the following: 1. Send 1m IG DM per day 2. Scrape usernames from both hashtags and followers 3. Create mass IG accounts to send the messages from If you are fluent in English, and can make this Mass DM bot for me...
  2. lebumcrimp

    Instagram engagement group suggestion

    So I know Instagram engagement group threads were banned on BHW. I was assuming because it would take traffic away from the BHW site (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) I was wondering if BHW could start their own engagement groups which would be accessed on the website and run by mods or...
  3. AdamsLaw

    Instagram DM Networking Group

    Hello my fellow BHW community. I have recently opened an IG account in the fitness niche. I have been posting regularly with best performing posts. So it is steadily growing. I want to start a DM networking group so we can boost each others accounts. I have been DMing accounts informing them...
  4. LuckyGirl9334

    Help Finding a Thread Please. TIA

    I was here in the forums somewhere last week and ran across an article/tutorial on how to properly use hashtags to grow your instagram account. It was a really great post. Problem is, I lost power in the storm and lost where the thread was posted before I could watch it or bookmark it. I have...
  5. John Pizza

    Email provider for account creation?

    Hello IG farmers, I'm fairly new here so pls excuse my ignorance, but I can't seem to find threads regarding the creation of IG accounts through email-verification. I suppose Gmail would be optimal because of the popularity but they require phone verification; until now I've tried setting them...
  6. P

    IG Instagram Custom comments with @mention and likes from followers

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has come across a service provider who could do any of the followinfgs: 1- Allow @mention in their comments, not for the purpose of spamming people, but actually those @mentions are my accounts, i.e no external account. 2- OR they allow custom comments but they add...