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Important Things required from a client!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by nabeelt, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. nabeelt

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    Nov 20, 2012
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    Internet Marketing
    Here are a few things (Apart from money :p) that almost every SEO/Internet Marketer must demand from a client before taking up a role.

    1. A complete document of requirements such as:

    • What results are you expecting? Your goals?
    • How much time you are also willing to invest in this regard?
    • Have you done SEO, SMO, SEM before! If so, then share what has already been done.
    • Do you already have a team of developers, designers or SEO's? If so, would you like us to coordinate with them occasionally or on daily basis?
    • What separates your business from your competitors?
    • Your target audience and ideal keyphrases that define your business?
    • Does your website target any specific region? Do you have a physical store/business?

    2. FTP Address. (File Transfer Protocol)

    Each website has 2 addresses one is http and the other one is FTP. http is for users who can navigate your website through it whereas FTP is for admin/webmasters who can upload, delete or change anything on a website by logging into the admin panel/dashboard. We'll need that certainly to make necessary changes in web content, links or structure etc.

    3. Google Analytics, Webmaster central or any other software/application that can help an SEO.

    Softwares or third party applications have a significant role to play in SEO so if you haven't used any start using them now! Google Analytics, Webmaster both are free to use that a SEO requires to achieve greater results in SEO. Some of the must-have paid tools are SEOMOZ linkscape, MajesticSEO, Screaming Frog etc.

    4. A domain hosted email i.e [email protected]

    At several occasions we'll require a domain hosted email as mentioned above. It is actually a way webmasters use to disallow spam in their websites plus it can also help us to use as a way of correspondence.

    5. Social Accounts or any other useful thing to share

    If you've already done SEO, SEM or a social media campaign then do share what the account details and also the strategy you've been practicing.

    Let me know in comments if i missed any or what you usually demand from a client!!!
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