[Important SEO Tip] The Reason Many Pages Get Penalized

Hey @splishsplash,

Thank you for the great content.

I discovered your guide too late, unfortunately. I have a page on my website that I have bombarded with links. Lots of partial match and misc anchor texts. But also a few hard anchor texts.
On average my other pages only have 1-2 links.

But the one I talked about page has almost but 20 links pointing to it.

As expected, for over 1 year the page has been stuck at #22-27 and not moving.

Is there any way I can still save the page? Or how I can solve the problem?

Hi guys,

I have another good SEO tip that I'm pretty sure most people don't really know.


You need to keep those ratios in safe levels which means plenty of brand, and no duplicate money anchors.

Yeah yeah, I hear you say. You know that already.


Do you know that anchor texts are something on a PAGE level *and* a site level?

You should have lots of homepage brand anchors, but just because you have 90% homepage brand does not mean you can slam one of your inner pages with 95% exact match.

This is why many of you are finding some pages are stuck on on page 3/4 or worse and no matter how many links you're sending, you can't get the thing moving. It's because you've over optimized it.

I'm going to do a more detailed case study of page anchors with recommendations for how to do it right, so keep your eyes peeled for it.
Yeah, that's interesting. But the most I've seen is that the sites don't have backlinks or have very little authority and they want to index millions of urls lol.

Just build links and you are going to get indexed and NOT penalized at all.
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