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IM Journey Form the Far East

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by jameswkh, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. jameswkh

    jameswkh Newbie

    Nov 11, 2015
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    I've always get excited when I read posts from this forum. I got excited by the fact that so many people are passionate on internet marketing (IM) and how they can get to earn money online.

    It is a very uncommon to see and to hear about earning money online in my home city.I can see that it is kind of a trend and there are huge opportunities getting online.Therefore I have been starting to work full time on IM since last month. And I have finally managed to understand more on the concepts and the methods now.

    The reason why I open this post is to address one of my question : How should a newbie get started?

    When I came to blackhatworld and search for post, there are of coz many good posts, but I cannot find actually one post that summarize everything: the terms used, tools used, method used, mentality, potential problem etc. Thus, opening a post would be my method to summarize my own journey, get my brain clear by typing and to get ideas by collaborating.

    In the following post, I would mark some questions in orange and maybe you guys can comment on what I wrote and give valuable ideas to enrich this post.

    To start working on IM, I started with a question: How IMers earn money?

    The golden rule is : Find a Niche -> get traffic -> monetize

    Find your Target Market

    We need to think about the traffic: what kind of traffic can I get?
    You go to find a market where many people are interesting in and there are low competition.
    to answer this question, we need to do market research.

    Normally I do market research by keyword research: To find keywords with high search and low competition
    You can do keyword research with tools like longtail pro or google adword may work tool.

    In market research, you have to know how larger is the niche?
    -If the niche is large, maybe there are competitions already.
    -The type of product will be large since many different needs need to be addressed.
    -The marketing effort will be large since difficult to target specifically.

    For example if you target comics: That would be a too huge market to target, you can get rich if you get 0.01% of the market, but you can hardly target because there are too many comics types and too many comics product and side products.

    -If the niche is too small, we call it micro niche and it is difficult to work on too.
    -Maybe you need to capture 80% of the niche to get rich.

    For example if you target hello kitty sex toy, that would be a niche that no one have specifically done, but why would someone search only on hello kitty sex toy? you potential clients would go to normal sex toy store to find more different models to choose instead.

    What do you think about my method?
    How would you guys research for a niche?
    What parameters you will consider?

    Lets look at the end point of the formula:

    How people can monetize?

    1.Actually sell products
    -By selling your own product, you get the 100% control but you need to work on production and everything
    -By selling virtual product, you can sell something that do not need production cost after first time production.
    -By selling dropshipping products, you can sell something without worrying about shipping and production.
    -By selling affiliate products, you can sell something without worrying about shipping and production and do not need to manage the relationship with factories in China.

    You can see, the above 4 are in a spactrum: the more effort you need, the higher income rate.
    For example, if you use Amazon affiliate, you can automate downloading every product buy 1 click, therefore you can sell anything on amazon anytime. The commission rate is 4%-10%.

    If you use Commission Junction(CJ affiliate) or other affiliate program, you need to apply for the right to promote before you can actually affiliate but the commission rate is higher.

    2.Sell the traffic
    -By using Cost per action(CPA) offer, if user click on your link on some free sign up or other stuff, you can earn money
    -If you have large social media group or page, you can monetize by selling advertising post to marketing agencies
    -If your site have huge traffic, you can monetize by putting banner ads area to google Adsense

    What do you guys think about the summary?
    Any more methods to mention?
    What method do you think is the best?

    After doing market research and decide on a specific niche, you have to analysis on which monetize method to use would suit your plan the most, if you don't want to bother, go for affiliate, they have almost all products and the process is clear and easy.
    If your niche actually need something that affiliate cannot offer, you may need to do dropshipping or produce your own product.

    What method to use?

    There are 2 ways I have summarized:

    1. Build a site- autoblogging, reviews, blog writing
    if you choose this method, you have to highly depend on SEO, therefore, you may need to build you site SEO wise, build Backlinks, and fight with google's SEO rules.

    2.Build social media accounts
    -for Facebook, you build page and groups and post to other's page and groups to get traffic
    -for twitter and instagram, you follow people and talk to people to get traffic
    -for youtube, you do youtube SEO to get traffic

    if you choose to play with social media, you may need to automate building account and automate mass actions, and fight with social media's anti-bot rules.

    What more methods you guys using?
    Any methods you think is not working?
    Any other ideas to get traffic?

    Summarize, 3 steps to decide the game plan:

    1.find a niche
    2.find a method
    3.find a monetize solution

    Then your game plan is set.

    Here is my situation

    I start by quickly analysis my situation and eliminate not possibles in order to narrow down the choices:

    I live in Hong Kong, a city where people use Chinese and English, we use facebook and instagram as main social platforms, google and yahoo as main search engines. therefore, If I choose Social media, the platform would be FB and IG, if I choose Build site, SEO will focus on yahoo and google.

    I would not do IM on Baidu , weibo and wechat because
    -not everyone using
    -full of chinese spammers
    -chinese government can change restriction anytime ( including finance/shipping/online policies)

    I use long tail pro to do keyword research, and I found that most of the Chinese keywords have 10-30 average keyword competitiveness, that means the market of chinese SEO is so huge that no one seems have worked on SEO with efforts. Therefore, keyword SEO would be focusing on Chinese keywords.

    The digital behavior of Chinese people is very different from westerners, we don't add people whom we don't know, we don't like or share much on social media, we do not usually reply to blogs and leave comments most of 40years old + do no know how to buy online. Making things to spread very difficultly. Also the number of online users include Hong Kong and Taiwan are only 15,000,000 and therefore every niche is very small compared with USA. So I summarized that maybe I need to build many different sites to make a living.

    Also, I eliminated the option of CPA offers and most of the affiliate sites, because the offers are mostly using english, my target users may not welcome english.

    What kind of niche to use?

    I see the point that most of the already usual online materials are very new to chinese people, for example, making money online is new to us, affiliate marketing is new to us etc. therefore I constantly looking for good niche from the western.

    That means I have to build many niche sites in Chinese talking about western things. Because I have only myself working on this now,I decided to focus my game on automation.

    I build sites, automate scrape products from amazon and scrape content from english sites, then automate share to facebook, then use bot to automate spread out things, also I do keyword research and SEO my chinese keywords. However, the problem is :content scrape and content spinner cannot be used on chinese words, therefore every piece of material have to be translated manually to chinese.

    Now I have build 2 sites on spiritual and new age products, The system would scrape amazon and english blogs everyday. I spend 3-4 hours a day to translate everything from english to chinese. Then I spend 2 hours to write blogs on my focus keywords, Then I spend 2 hours to build facebook bots and spread the links on facebook. Sometime to sites would need technical maintenance and I will spend 1-2hours on average to deal with it.

    The entire game cost me 10 hours or more a day to keep things up. However, running 2 sites is not enough for earning, But the struggle is if I spend 1-2 weeks to buidl the 3rd site, the daily operation of the first 2 site will be stopped. And the more site I build , The more translation and blogging work I have to do. What you guys think?

    Am I too greedy to work on site+ social media?
    Am I doing it wrong?
    What idea you can give me to save time and keep most of the results?
    Anything you want to share?

    Thank you for reading through this post, I believe everyone have their secret source, but sharing would be one of the greatest way for use to improve . Feel free to write anything any reply anything here=]
  2. Chiefjop

    Chiefjop Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Mar 25, 2013
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    Great post James. Looks like you got your plan ready.

    About your question: How would you guys search for a niche?

    Well I am a firm believer that you can make money with anything so I would suggest to start by looking into things you like / you have passion for. It will be so much more fun and the money will come for sure.

    Good luck with your journey! :)
  3. loedown

    loedown Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jun 29, 2009
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    Good luck, I've always enjoyed the form of easterners
  4. kriwil

    kriwil Regular Member

    Apr 20, 2015
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    Great story james...
    i always get many ideas from BHW especially by TOmmy, BassTrakerBoats, Leith and other superstar
    But i also Jocking and fucking lovers than i refer to Ste fishkin, mickyfu, SkyRocketSEO and other trollers
  5. jameswkh

    jameswkh Newbie

    Nov 11, 2015
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    first thing now is: am i doing it correctly? and I am so happy from your positive replies now.

    Second thing is: anything better I could do?

    Third thing is my struggle: Time allocation. Like I have to use 3-4 hour for 1 site everyday, how could I even build more sites? I have no clue.

    Btw Thank you for all your replies~